KitKat my Rack v1.2

cockator 4

So this deck revolves around fetching djinn and getting virus program so the corp will have a bad time, also to save som MU Djinn host 3 piece of non ice-breaker program so he could also host a magnum opus or a Cloak.

And get Cyber-Cypher out and start running on R & D to scare them. They ice it up pretty tight just grab another one and start running on HQ or a remote sever. the Paintbrush helpes out with fixing all the ICE to Code Gate types.

PS: This is my first Runner deck i have built :)

Feedback is most welcomed!

30 Mar 2015 linuxmaier

Kit's a hard build, but I get why you're giving it a go; she's so cool!

That said, I'm worried about your money and speed. Magnum is good economy but it's only a 1-of here, along with lots and lots of other tools you'll ideally want to see. With only Self-modifying Code to search them up, you're not going to find anything with reliability. Is that an issue for you?

Worse is that you only have 9 money cards and lots of things to spend money on. Dino and RnD Interface are pricey, and so is Yog and Battering Ram. You can't really play enough pressure with just 1 Cyber-Cypher since you'll be locked to the single server while the corp can ice it up more and then operate in relative safety.

Have you tested the deck yet? Where does it feel strong? Weak? Those will give you clues as to what to shift around. My guess is that you'll find there are cards you never have time to play (Chakana, Djinn and Paintbrush are likely candidates, since they're all pretty slow themselves) and those will be good candidates to cut for more money or card draw.

30 Mar 2015 cockator

Hey man yeah i submitted another version of my Kit deck! 1.3 so check that out if you want to :)