Business Turtles

Twitch_City 1

Relax, stay a while.

During an Overdrive draft, I constructed a corporation deck whose primary econ was multiples of Turtlebacks, and it was really fun to play. My meta at the moment is relatively kill-heavy (lots of DRT NEHs), so I felt bringing a "nicer" NEH would throw some runners off their game.

This is a variant of Upfront Turtles that I brought to a 23-player Spring Kit tournament at 401 games. I ended up 2nd place, with this deck winning 3/5 games. Major differences: no Hedge Funds, no Guards, and fewer PAD Campaigns. Instead, I incorporated another Daily Business Show (which was amazing throughout the day), 2 Marked Accounts (which actually helped bring in some needed econ in at least one match, and were never trashed), and Troll - which was only found in one match, but did some good work at taxing the runner.

My most notable loss was against MaXx, who played a turn one Medium that I could just not lock out. Otherwise, if you can get through those early turns - runners are extremely hard pressed to trash your assets, and you do the NEH thing - draw the pieces you need, throw what you can't use yet to the bottom of your deck, and just keep making servers.