[TWA] MaxX Reanimator Aggro 1.5

BigBadWolf 1380

"The list pours its influence into Desperado and Clone Chip, wasting no time with Siphon or Legwork or The Maker's Eye. This list wins with Medium, Nerve Agent or a combination of the two. Having the constant threat to be able to hammer out R&D or HQ puts a lot of pressure on the Corp. She often won't have a safe place to hide her agendas. Especially if you've been draining her credits by forcing her to rez ICE, only to kill it outright." Check out the full article at thewinningagenda.com !

31 Mar 2015 mediohxcore

Is Lotus Field out in Australia yet?

31 Mar 2015 skaterforsale

@mediohxcore Maybe -1 Clonechip +1 Zul?

31 Mar 2015 omegalife2002

@mediohxcore In the article he mentions that is what Knight is there for

31 Mar 2015 mediohxcore

Knight doesn't cut it vs Blue Sun though.

I like the idea of this deck, but I think I would try -3 Inject -1 Codebusting -2 Same Old Thing -1 Retrieval Run -1 Nerve Agent -1 Datasucker +3 I've Had Worse +3 Kati Jones +2 Imp +1 Queen's Gambit or something. The idea of going hard to the face rather than setting up for a longer game with Levy makes sense, but you're going to get punished if you can't win fast and you simply run out of cards, especially without enough memory to actually install everything you might want at the same time.

31 Mar 2015 BigBadWolf

@mediohxcore yes, Lotus Field in BS is a huge issue for this deck. Thankfully it is almost not played at all in the Australian meta. As for Inject, this card is light years beyond I've Had Worse in MaxX. It either; draws your economy and recursion; fills your bun with reanimator targets; does a combination of both. Clogging your hand with inflexible programs isn't where you want to be. Kati Jones is too slow. Imo is fine, but is a meta call, Id say (would be good if Scorched/Punitive were prevalent in your area), and I don't think you can afford to cut any recursion like SoT or Retreival Run.

31 Mar 2015 Diegofsv

I love the idea of a fast deck without Levy, but 45 cards and Inject (a MVP for MaxX indeed) and the deck is over faster than ever. I'll try something along these lines bc I want to get free of Levy, but in every game I'm always using it for great results.

31 Mar 2015 BigBadWolf

@Diegofsv give it a shot and let me know how you go! As I say you'll have to make some changes in accordance with your meta, such as an IMP as Dan suggested.

1 Apr 2015 Shielsy

@mediohxcore sure all those things are true, but the plan is to win before you run out of gas. And sure, you can sit around developing a rig and then only move when you have 5 mem of breakers and medium, but you will lose.

you can do whatever you want with regards to changes obviously, but it'll be hard to make an informed decision if you don't actually play the list right?

1 Apr 2015 Ayanami

@BigBadWolf Lotus Field in Blue Sun might not be played in the Melbourne meta maybe, but I haven't seen a Blue Sun without it here in Perth.

1 Apr 2015 BigBadWolf

@Ayanami there isn't much Blue Sun around at the moment, at least not in melbourne. BS isn't in a fantastic place with all the experimental Weyland decks at the moment. I still really like the ID though.

4 Apr 2015 crushedguava

This deck is like the original Sligh decks. Very powerful at the beginning and usually just kills the Corp outright. Even if it starts to run out of gas, it has the capability to just steal a final agenda from somewhere (a la Cursed Scroll).