A Stirling Goodbye (1.5)

Pinkwarrior 2278

A Build of a criminal Au Revoir deck using Logos & Mr. Li to help get what you need but the deck doesn't rely on Au Revoir for cash either and can play happily without it.

ZU.13 Key Master is the codegate of choice here as it turns 1 Dyson Mem Chip into 2MU effectively and sets up the Underworld Contact.

31 Mar 2015 esutter479

Logos and Li! This looks really solid, Pink. :) I really gotta figure out a way to get some R&D pressure in my Iain deck, grrr. I prefer Data Folding to Underworld Contact money, but Au Revoir is a really interesting touch that I never thought of before. Do you think 2 Suppliers is enough, even with 3 Hostages? I may do some modifications to mine...but yah...not getting a Supplier early does kinda suck, heh.

1 Apr 2015 Pinkwarrior

@esutter479 I am not sure 2x The Supplier is enough i am hoping so but its had little testing so far so not much to go on.

I prefer Data Folding too but for this deck Underworld Contact makes more sense because of how much MU i will actually use.