Strongest Togetherest

PaxCecilia 289

If the new datapack drops, this is what I will be bringing to my Thursday game night this week for play testing. Still working out the logistics, but obviously Tech Startup will be used behind Ice to both bait runs, and grab my Brain-Taping Warehouse's. Executive Boot Camps to grab them as well. I'm not sure if this will work in practice, but I think it'll be fun at the very least.

And obviously Celebrity Gift, the ultimate Bioroid economy. All Bioroids, all the time.

1 Apr 2015 MrAaronSA

Man, if ever there was a deck where Zed 1.0 would work, it would be here I think. Unfortunately even with the id ability it would be mimic bait. ):

1 Apr 2015 PaxCecilia

Heh, initial testing showed Zed 1.0 to be just terrible. Terrible terrible.

1 Apr 2015 gumonshoe

Needs more heinlin grid; And I think you'll find that ETF just makes the deck better. As much as I hate to utter those words.

1 Apr 2015 PaxCecilia

Probably! First I'm going to test this deck to see if Brain-Taping Warehouse is worth the deck space, then change around the Executive Boot Camp and Tech Startup based on how important it is. If it's not very, then I'll probably be swapping the Tech Startup with either Heinlein Grid or Ash 2X3ZB9CY.

1 Apr 2015 gumonshoe

I think you'll find Brain-Taping is worth the deck space. Could easily just rez an eli for free. What's that saying, "run early, what's the worst HB can do to you?"

No idea on tech startup/boot camp. I guess if valencia's an issue in your neighborhood then boot camp may be worth it, but hard to say.