Friendly Neighbours - Lindhska Store Championship

tradet 235

I took this and a Leela deck to a store championship. The deck had 3 wins (2 flatlines and 1 score), 2 timed wins with more agenda points and no losses. I feel I was way ahead in the timed wins as well. I barely missed the cut to top 8 due to poor performance with the runner. Slow runner play was also the reason for going to time.

Overall I'm very happy with the deck. Wormhole is a beast of a code gate when you have money, you just have to take care to have some other ice rezzed. I still retrieve rezzed ice quite aggressively. Previously I had some problems with Yog when I was using Datapike and Enigma and this version has worked out great.

Data Raven acts as ETR, almost regardless of the runners rig and it's a juicy target for Wormhole. Tollbooth might still be the better card in the deck though. Taurus kills the runner's rig surprisingly often. Caduceus is a nice taxing ice, looking forward to try how Negotiator fits.

Mother Goddess is a beast of a card against most runners, especially if you aggressively take back rezzed ice. In practice I often made an impregnable scoring server with it.

Wormhole, Curtain Wall, Hadrian's Wall, Orion are all good targets for Oversight AI. I often protect the oversighted ice with a second piece of ice as the runners very often make it a high priority target.

Fire Wall fits the deck better than Hive as I aggressively try to score agendas.

The strategy otherwise is quite simple. Try to stay ahead in money and try to score agendas fairly aggressively. This makes it easier to mix in some traps, but runners familiar with the deck might ignore your advancements though.