Sucker Punch - Lindhska Store Championship

tradet 235

Took this and a Blue Sun kill deck to a store championship. The deck had 1 win, 3 losses and 1 draw (unplayed due to time) and was responsible for me barely missing the cut to top 8. Corp deck was undefeated with 3 wins and 2 timed wins.

The deck performed well during training but fell to harder competition. Missed Mimic in the deck and Garrote did not pull it's weight. Heavy hardware (Logos, HQ Interface and R&D Interface) slows the deck down.

It might just simply be the case that the deck doesn't fit my play style. You're supposed to play the controlling game but I found myself playing really aggressively and founding myself stalling out on money.

Need to try out a version of Leela built around Desperado, it might fit my style better.

I really like Legwork and Sneakdoor Beta. Indexing was a bit hit and miss, it won me the game I won but other times it was too expensive to run multiple runs. I was just 2 (or was it 1?) credits off being able to afford indexing + a run for the last agenda in the last game.

The deck was inspired by several popular Leela decks.

2 Apr 2015 lgbiteman

Desperado does a lot of work in a deck like this. I liked R&D Interface in there as well.