Purple Brobots v1.9

Four_Leaf 93


When I originally saw the ability of Stronger Together I immediately thought of some of my favorite tribal and weenie decks from MTG where a bunch of small things add up to a big problem. I had to use this ID to replicate that concept in a different game.

I knew that to make this concept work I had to have a few things. I first needed a bunch of ice that would be taxing and also have some stopping power. I then needed in my head 70% of them to be Bioroid to make use of the identity, or I'd just use ETF. Lastly and most importantly, I wanted ice that needed to be respected. I was then left with a bunch of options that actually played out better than I thought it would as glacial is going to pick up again, and corps will slow down post clot.

allll the way to version 1.9 I've built 10 different variants of ST since I started playing and have had both my share of success and failure with the deck every step of the way. This is by far my favorite so far and the most fun to play.

The Build

It is a glacial style tax build, running 18 ice and intends on icing up every central before creating a scoring remote.


  • Celebrity Gift is one of the most economically powerful cards corp uses in the game. Our ice is expensive to rez in general. Nothing costs less than 3. I want money to be able to rez ice, fire ash traces, rez eve's, etc.

  • Oversight AI This card started as a 3 of in this list and I slowly went down to 1 and also downsized my number of fatties in the deck. Brain-Taping Warehouse has changed how this list wants to play lately. It's better to run smaller things now. I still like the splash of a big bioroid, so I kept this at a singleton.

  • Jackson Howard stays in here as 3 because he is always good and we can abuse ABT by just pulling the trigger with no regards if he is on the table.

I'm still not sure where to put that last influence point and I really don't want anything else in it's place. I almost splashed a DBS because it's amazing in any deck but what to cut? Perhaps an Eve. List suggestions :D

Playing the Deck

The style is pretty easy to pilot.

  1. Spread your ice across the central most important agains the faction you're playing.
  2. Get a remote set up for economy first, later scoring. Make this 1 ice deep to start. If they want to double click past an eli and pay 5 to trash an eve, let them. That's good for us.
  • Mid-End game build up your servers and make scoring windows. The deck doesn't play fast or slow, somewhere inbetween. I generally have 3-4 ice deep on at least one of my centrals, 3-4 on my scoring server, with the rest being 2-3 unless they aren't interested in archives (no Sneakdoor or Noise). Feel free to spike in tempo by laying an agenda in a scoring server where Adonis has just ended, putting out a fatty , and BER or OAI'ing it as pressure. You have some bursty windows.

Choices and Flavor

  • Markus 1.0 I originally thought this card was bad. It's not, it's downright useful for taxing out lady's options and still costs corroder 4 to break.

  • Brain-Taping Warehouse I have a feeling this is going to put ST in a better spot. I don't think this will make this deck a top tier deck, or even a competitive one. This will fix something that ST has always had problems with and that's money. To rez anything but Eli in ST, the corp ended up too poor half the time to rez an Adonis or eve or even the 2nd layer of ice protecting something. this should alleviate that issue a lot imo.

  • Eve Campaign I play her completely unguarded if I already have an adonis in a server and let them check it. If they trash it, I just taxed the runner 5 credits, if they let me have it, I rez it. I will only guard this if I have extra ice or something small like victor 1.0

  • Bioroid Efficiency Research The core concept of how I combo out fatties. This card is pretty bad without the huge ice and I generally dislike 2 card combos. I alleviate my reliance on this by using 18 ice, figuring I have 14 ice that I'm willing to pay credits out of pocket to rez. Those 14 will buy me time to set up a combo between a big piece of ice and this or OAI.

The Future of Stronger Together

I'd like to think that I'm onto something here and that this ID is meant to be played with a weenie style concept. I ran it in this fashion before Brain-Taping Warehouse became a card and it seems to make sense. As a person who plays ST a lot, this is exactly what we needed to help alleviate our money issue. A rich runner can get in, but that goes for every deck right?

I might end up eventually dropping the OAI. I really want Patch in here for architects, but I also want 3 Brain-Taping Warehouse but the deck slots are tight if I don't go down anymore ice.

Thank you for reading my long entangled mess of thoughts. If you have suggestions or questions, feel free to list them. I know there is room for this deck to improve. If you disagree with something I have in here, state why with another suggestion or sound reasoning. Thanks again everyone

3 Apr 2015 linduxed

Interesting deck!

I've been thinking about building a deck with Stronger Together but I've always been worried of running out of money without the help of the Engineering the Future ability.

I guess with Brain-Taping Warehouse and a White-Weenie kind of approach, it could work.

I'm looking forward to future iterations of this deck.