6 clicks and no tag!

vor_lord 194

6 Clicks

This is the best idea ever, and there are no drawbacks. No hint of jank (or sarcasm). The basic idea is to get 6 clicks per turn without being tagged, here's how:

Voila, six . It's only 4 cards to assemble out of a 50 card deck without much draw, what could go wrong?

Now that you have all these , what are 6 good for? I knew you would ask!

Hmmm, those look like they will work well with Eater (which loves bad pub). Need some memory for those 2 pigs, so throw in CyberSolutions Mem Chip. Gotta have some Shards because they make Eater look good.

How do you keep pressure on while you assemble your cumbersome (and expensive) combo?

How do you pay for all of this stuff?

  • Magnum Opus. Seriously, if you don't get this early, you will be having a rough time. Hope your Blackmail keeps them timid.

How do you find all of these cards?

  • Vigil
  • I've Had Worse (if you don't fear damage)
  • And eventually you can draw 6 cards a turn! Yeah! Oh wait, now I don't need to...

Wait, you say. WAIT! "I have a ton of cards that I really need, but only need one of. How can I thin my deck?"

But hey, when you get there, you can click for 12 a turn! Just like "Goodbye to you" decks, only you don't have to be able to jack out! And your combo cards aren't tutorable, so you feel like a beast when you can pull this off. Getting 3 Au Revoir and a Snitch is easy mode, with those smarmy Shapers.

Wishlist: Should find room for Inject. What would be even more fun is putting in Gene Conditioning Shoppe and Wyldside to get even more combo-y. At least there would be some card draw.

4 Apr 2015 DysJunc

Seems like a fun deck! Your missing 5 cards though, Valencia has a min deck size of 50, not 45. Maybe switch mimic for crypsis? You have the clicks and credits to afford it! I'm thinking taking out the utopia shard and adding 2x of the cutlery suite as well. More testing needed, obviously, but I hope this deck is viable,because 6 clicks a turn is incredible!

4 Apr 2015 vor_lord

Uh, that's weird. I've got 50 cards. Cut and pasted from the top of this page:

50 cards (min 50)

But Utopia Shard is definitely expendable, and fitting in cutlery would be nice.

4 Apr 2015 DysJunc

Huh, it says 50 cards now. Bug maybe? Hows Paige working out for you so far? I'm gonna go play a few games with this, hopefully the 6 click dream is real!