Geek Madness - Elite 8

clydeiii 466

All of the classic A:NR geeks meet in one crazy match: we got Caprice Nisei, Simone Diego, Bernice Mai, Akitaro Watanabe, Mark Yale, Isabel McGuire, Elizabeth Mills, and of course "Jesus" Jackson Howard (Thomas Haas does NOT qualify for the Elite 8). You can vote for your favorite by installing one into a remote and rezzing it.

6 Apr 2015 Ber

I'm so confused right now. Why are the ice 3x while the other cards are all 1x?

Also is there more context for this wacky theme deck?

6 Apr 2015 Rosencrantz

this deck is made intentionally to promote the annual BGG Geek Madness 2015 to vote for Android: Netrunner.

6 Apr 2015 gumonshoe

Yeah, we're not allowed to advertise that it exists on other sites anymore because its cheating, but naming a deck after the contest? Who knows?

I'm sure someone will cry about it.

6 Apr 2015 clydeiii

I don't know what you guys are talking about! This is my theme deck involving the "Elite 8" Netrunner Geeks. You vote for your favorite by installing them into a remote server and rezzing them.

6 Apr 2015 gumonshoe

Caprice Nisei is using her psi abilities to try and make me vote twice for her. And it's totally uncalled for. You should ban her from your deck list so that I don't get banned from these comments.

6 Apr 2015 clydeiii


7 Apr 2015 wedgeex

3x Troll - VERY appropriate.