Slowly burned to Ash!

esutter479 318

I have a strong feeling that SanSan is the cycle that will see the emergence of the OTHER HB IDs, and this one is no exception. Now, this could just be my overly optimistic side coming out, but with the release of The Valley, Stronger Together finally DOES look stronger.

Agendas: Project Wotan is an obvious choice here. A single Beta Test could be instrumental in fishing out some free ICE with a Jackson installed. Eden's inclusion is elementary, as is the power of Hades. The only questionable agenda is Priority Requisition. I'm almost wondering if I should take it out in favor of a Utopia Fragment. An early Utopia would basically act like a double Predictive Algorithm that can't be turned off in any way, shape or form. That could devastate a runner.

Assets: Adonis and Eve are must-haves, as some runners may go after them early, leaving themselves poor. If they don't, then you get rich without question, and can prepare for mid-late game scoring. Jackson Howard, durr. A singleton AggSec will cause pain for any runner, especially if Jackson decides to recur it. Last but not least, every ST deck will need a Brain-Taping Warehouse to facilitate easy bioroid rezzing at any point in a game. Taxing runners never looked or felt so good!

Upgrades: Ash 2X3ZB9CY for mid game tax/protection. Cyberdex Virus Suite could put a screeching halt to harsh Medium or Nerve Agent digs, not to mention weaken Sucker reliant rigs.

Operations: Nothing too fancy here. Giraffes and Hedge Funds keep your head above water for credit generation in case the runner is shutting down the Campaigns.

ICE: Chimeras are there to provide the Quandaries and Elis with some companionship and backup for early game aggression. Architect will hopefully provide some means for server support early on to make the runner think about his/her next move more carefully. If there is a better alternative to the digital Purple Palpatine, I'm all ears. Ichi is my resident rig killer. The Viktor duo is there for cheap tax, especially if I can bait out Parasites with Quandary and Chimera. Eli is a perennial favorite, Markus is the new kid on the block, and Heimdall is the immovable object if the game goes long and I need some remote support. I decided to try something different for the last 3 influence, and add in an Ashigaru. This bad boy does some great work in locking a runner out of a server early, particularly HQ...and with minimal support, it assures me that I can build upon the other servers with virtual impunity on the way to scoring out and winning. I'm almost considering working in Tenma Line sometime down the road, if only Gifts weren't so awesome in here.

Final thoughts: So far, this deck has only been tested once against a stealth Chaos Theory deck that was having little trouble getting into servers most of the time. The barriers did the most work, and I was able to squeak out a victory with a Beta Test with 2 cards left in R&D. Really fun game, and this deck was a blast to play! Any constructive feedback is appreciated. :)

6 Apr 2015 MrAaronSA

Man, I love how Viktor 1.0 is too high for Yog.0, but still too low for D4v1d with Stronger Together.