Exile Pawnshop 1st place Stirling SC

Angedelo 1256

Very slightly tweaked version of the pandapersona Exile Dumpster Gamble deck. Added in 3 sure gambles & atman. This deck went undefeated thru 5 rounds of swiss & 2 top 8 games. Am going to experiment with 2 leprechaun instead of astrolabe & akamatsu - memory was a bit of an issue and with sahasrara & scheherazade i never pay for programs anyway.

6 Apr 2015 poorhaus

Nice to see this doing well. I ran it as a secondary deck for awhile but found it petered out at times, esp when you couldn't install programs b/c or lack of memory or creds. Sure Gamble and Leprechaun seem like great ways of addressing this.

6 Apr 2015 AkAnderson

If you have lack of memory I think you might be playing the deck wrong. One thing I noticed with this type of deck is you can't be too attached to anything, you need to play the moment

6 Apr 2015 pandapersona

I do like the inclusion of Sure Gamble. Do you find that Sure Gamble helps with trashing assets more than Paricia?

However, I'm skeptical about the inclusion of Atman. In the testing I've done, Atman always seemed to expensive to ever be worth installing. What are you using it to typically get past?

6 Apr 2015 AkAnderson

Anything at 4. We had people specifically test against our version of Exile and it ended up being Data Raven that really slowed us down. @Heartthrob lost an SC largely due to Data Raven, I think. You can usually install the Atman for free, only needed to pay for the strength. We're also running 1 Datasucker so it helps.

6 Apr 2015 Heartthrob

Atman gets through pesky mythics too and does work on 4 str ice spam. I like this build and congrats on the win. As for the MU, I've learned not to get too attached as well. Sell sell sell to Aesop's! You can get stuff back when you need it. I never really need more than 5 MU at any given moment, 6 if I need SMC installed.

I did indeed get shut out because I couldn't deal with 3 rezzed Data Raven in the Pocatello final...Atman could have been the difference because I couldn't let him have those tokens.

7 Apr 2015 CodeMarvelous

Words can not describe how much I enjoy this deck.

7 Apr 2015 CJFM

@Angedelo Gratz on the win! I think this Exile deck is actually well-positioned post-Valley.

I'm curious about the Atman as well. Is breaking the sub really that much of a big deal? I mean, can't you usually just find your Plascretes and float tags, if you're playing against Raven spam? Or are you more worried about Psycho/Closed Accts?

7 Apr 2015 AkAnderson

@CJFM Losing Aesops is devastating at certain times. So tags are no fun.

15 May 2015 prozz

how about cybsoft macrodrive? :)

15 May 2015 Angedelo

It's hardware, so I'd actually have to pay full price for it! Never. This deck refuses to pay retail price for anything :p