Here Is The News

apo 362


  • RND defence: Wall of Thorns, Caduceus, RSVP
  • Rushing remote: 2x Rototurret/PaperWall/RSVP
  • Taxing remote: RSVP + Sansan + Bernice Mai


  • put some ice on the centrals
  • go for the rushing remote
  • solidify your centrals, try to aim for the go-to RND defence
  • use Power Shutdown to keep the rushing remote valid and keep on scoring
  • when the rushing remote is no longer valid go for the taxing remote

Some explanations:

  • TGTBT is just another way of losing Kati Jones or getting Close Accounted (this deck doesn't want to click on Gila anyway)
  • with Sweeps Week, Popups and Caduceuses this deck has no issues landing Restructure
  • SFS is there for Siphon defence (keep that astro train a threat even then)
  • 3x3 cheap ETR (or almost ETR) ice for the rushing remote (rotos, papers, rsvps)
  • Wall of Thorns is my biggie of choice because: it has multiple subs - so will cost 2 if Femmed, suits my plan of utilizing the unready breaker suite bottleneck to score agendas (lose an icebreaker by a surprise dmg anybody?), and has no drawback apart from dying to the out-of-meta Morningstar
  • Jackson is there for all the reasons + safe Power Shutdowns

I had enormous success with this deck. What do you think?

31 Jan 2014 Larro

I love the deck, but my thoughts are this -

Is Roto worth the influence? You could cut 2x Roto and Wall of Thorns for 2x Ash, to replace Bernice. and SfS which I would cut entirely (and add a 2nd Closed Accounts).

Suggested changes could be change the Barriers to -2 Thorns for +2 Bastion, -2 Roto for +2 Draco, -1 Bernice, -2 SfS for +2 ASH, +1 Closed Accounts.

Would play similarly, Draco works fine with Roto and costs less to Res + doesn't auto-die to Parasite, and synergizes w/ RSVP.

Overall, I love the deck. Excellent archetype. Shutdown is a real rockstar.

31 Jan 2014 apo


Thanks for the feedback, your comments make sense for sure. Would the changed deck as suggested perform better? No clue - needs playtesting.

Is Roto worth the influence?

I try to get 2 different kind of cheap ETRs early. Roto is the cheapest ETR sentry out there. Draco is nice with Making News, but it's not strictly ETR - and the deck aims to take advantage of the "no breakers bottleneck". RSVP-Draco sounds fun, but inside job + some cash gets you in...

and SfS which I would cut entirely

I really like SFS. But that's probably cause I hate getting siphoned to death.

2x Ash, to replace Bernice

That is a positive change for sure if the deck has some influence to spare.

change the Barriers to -2 Thorns for +2 Bastion

This change would be questionable. Without any big and mean ICE R&D is a liability. If I had to cut Thorns for influence, I would simply go with +2 Tollbooth as a replacement.

31 Jan 2014 Kingsley

This deck honestly seems pretty patched-together and janky to me. There are a lot of parts that have antisynergy with one another-- for instance, you have a breaker destruction plan, but run Paper Wall. You're playing NBN but you have Wall of Thorns instead of Tollbooth or TMI. You have only 4 traces in the entire deck.

In general I think that conventional NBN decks have a lot of exciting angles to take with new cards like Sweeps Week and Paper Wall, but this really isn't one of them.

31 Jan 2014 apo

for instance, you have a breaker destruction plan, but run Paper Wall

That's a well made point. However I don't thik it is that big of a deal - even if Corroder kills one Paper before going down it is not the end of the world, right?

You're playing NBN but you have Wall of Thorns instead of Tollbooth or TMI

I listed ICE which can give R&D reasonable protection: archer, eli, both ichis, tollbooth, wall of thorns etc. and assesd their weaknesses. Archer needs agenda, bioroids clickable, Tollbooth femmeable with the single subroutine, Tsurugi dies to parasite. I reasoned WoT will always tax the runner + it gives dmg on the first encounter usually.

You have only 4 traces in the entire deck.

I don't see it as a weakness. Relying too much on a single game mechanic can hurt. If someone plays link against this deck, that's fine.

5 Feb 2014 PlutoNick

I played a bit with your deck.

I like the combo RSVP and then Cadeceus.

What troubled me, was that the runner was getting a lot of tags [bernice may usually] but I couldn't actually punish him. That closed accounts X1 is not enough I guess.

7 Feb 2014 apo

I'd love to run 2x Closed Accounts, but no clue what to cut.

The old fashioned resource trash for a click and 2$ is a main tag punish.

Also if you stick a tag with Bernice and have a punish chance, it usually means the runner is not too good... Bernice is just a pesky taxing card, perfect to place along with SanSan behind RSVP.

Sticking a tag for punishment is done only with Breaking News - Bernice and TGTBT simply tax the runner.

7 Feb 2014 PlutoNick

You are wrong. I could stick a tag with Bernice/TGTBT with 'false lead', which I forgot to mention that I added it to the deck.