Eudemonia Store Championship 5th place - Corp

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7 Apr 2015 aleph_c

A deck of my own creation. "What's a Bioroid?"

This deck went 5-1 on the day, with one loss in Swiss to an Au Revoir Chaos Theory deck and wins against Reina, Gabe, Quetzal, Chaos Theory, and Andromeda.

I find myself setting the tempo of this deck more in reaction to the runner than trying to force a pace. It generally plays somewhere between rush and glacier, trying to use the NEXT Gold and Grail threats to score some agendas fairly early. Or failing that, setting up some nasty servers that will open up scoring windows.

The upgrades are what carry this deck into the late-game, and they can help snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. (Or, y'know, just land an early flatline.) The virtues of The Twins in The Foundry are fairly well established at this point, but I want to say a word for Cyberdex Virus Suite, as it can do wonders against a runner relying on Datasucker or the virus AI breakers.

7 Apr 2015 skydivingninja

Has the Grail ice really been adding enough? I've tried NEXT/Grail combinations in Foundry and I always find that my hand is filled to the brim with ice I can't get rid of, so it ends up in the trash. My build right now is just NEXT and its working really well.

7 Apr 2015 aleph_c

@skydivingninja I find the Grail ICE pretty decent at slowing things down in the early game so that there's more time to set up some security. But, yeah, unless you score an early Eden Fragment, it can definitely turn into a surplus of ice. Usually I'll throw some spare ICE on a second remote for the Campaigns and/or on Archives. Ultimately, I don't mind throwing away a few pieces of Grail to keep only what I need.

Not to defend this ICE suite too much though. It's definitely got weaknesses. (Eater, for example, is fairly frightening and ends up demanding a change in game plan.) The fact that I know how to escape the jaws of defeat with this deck is a pretty clear indication that I come close to losing too often. ;)

8 Apr 2015 cranked

How would you feel about running IT Department in this deck? You could basically guarantee that either your Grail ice or NEXT Gold would stick.

8 Apr 2015 SlayerCNV

Use janus. Really.

9 Apr 2015 aleph_c

@cranked Yeah, IT Dept. definitely could do work. I just personally don't have a lot of experience playing it, as I feel it doesn't fit my play style very well. I did try out a variant with NEXT Design and IT that could use the early ICE to get the IT up early. Delightfully mean when it worked, but weak, as NEXT Design is, to the unlucky mulligan.

@SlayerCNV This deck isn't always credit-rich (at least not until the Peak Efficiencies get huge), so the trouble with Janus is that it would take a lot more credits to make the threat real. There are a lot of scary Twins+Foundry decks better designed to take advantage of Janus, though -- it's definitely a good option for The Foundry.