SanSan South: Stronger Together Never Advance

theodorelogan 247

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7 Apr 2015 Jashay

There seem to be more Stronger Together decks floating around recently; a nice trend.

Massively looking forward to getting my hands on Brain-Taping Warehouse; I run a ST deck that works well, but it's always a little tight on money for the rezzes. BTW seems like a prefect solution.

Shell Corporation is an odd choice... the main issue I have with the bioroids is that they are more porous than the statlines would suggest. Unless you have an absolute bunker to hide it in, you can't often click Shell Corporation too many times because the runner can get through if they really need to.

You'll likely suffer in the first couple of turns, in my experience. Once they see bioroids, the runner will cheerfully The Maker's Eye or Legwork you if they have the option, because they know they can get through. Account Siphon in particular can be murderous.

Wraparound tends to work better in the anti-AI category than Swordsman, as it has the advantage of being an ETR even when there are no AIs around. Also, you have no ETR currently that can't be broken by clicking.

But yes, I'll listen to your episode, see what you say about the deck.

7 Apr 2015 Four_Leaf

I just posted my recent version of ST. I've been playing it a good bit with BTW. I'm pretty worried about your money here even with the new money saver.

Adonis is as easy to trash as them clicking through, and Shell Corporation isn't reliable for the same reason early or mid game. I can only see this getting credits on it later.

I feel like you're left with hedge and private with the occasional subliminal if you find it in time where it matters. You also run 10 assets, so that encourages them to run at things, even empty-ice remotes where you just put down a private contracts. This further turns off Subliminal.

Sansan grid is still really strong and is a solid splash for an 11 agenda deck with Pet project to bring them back. I'll check out your write up then. Glad to see people are still representing ST.