Breaking The Meta (BTM) Ep. 1: Get Schooled

Sidkah 277

So I love deckbuilding, which makes netrunner one of the best games for me! So each week, I will pull a random ID and build around it in a crazy way! Today lets look at The Professor. 45 cards minimum deck size is pretty standard but only 1 Influence is weird, until you look at the ability, which basically can be more than 15 (33 in my case) can give you access to multiple different strategies to win if the game shifts, but doesn't really give you tools to win eventwise. So Let's begin the fun!


So our events look pretty standard. Sure Gamble for burst economy, but is mainly a staple card in any runner deck. 2 Levy AR Lab Accessmight seem high, but with the amount of Net Damage decks coming back because of Clot might make my choice a bit better. The Test Run and Scavenge combo is pretty neat, considering you can tutor for whatever you might need program-wise (like a D4v1d against a Blue Sun opening turn OAI), and the scavenge to keep it or bring back another program back from the dead!


I couldn't really decide what Shaper Console I needed since I'm restricted to Green only ones, So I decided Astrolabe would suffice. Akamatsu Mem Chip was chosen over CyberSolutions Mem Chip since I currently have Astrolabe, Djinn and Leprechaun for MU. #Clone chip will help recur programs you toss away with Aesop's Pawnshop.


So I really wanted to put Kaiti in, but I figured Magnum Opus might be better, but if anything I can (or you!) can switch them out if need be. Aesops is in here to get rid of dead programs for a bit extra cash.


So I decided to bring out the big dogs! So all three Cerberus make their appearance here! With Order and Chaos shifting around, most decks wont think that an Eater Keyhole threat would be in it! which gives you another alternate way to win! Atman is strong as you can manipulate her power counters with Scavenge. Faerie is in here for any annoying Sentries that are annoying, cause that's annoying


Clot is pretty insane right now as it (can) shut down a FA deck, since it "can" take you a bit to set up and run wild. As stated earlier, D4v1d is here for annoying big ice that might try to keep you down (like Archer, any OAI'd ICE from Blue Sun, etc). 2 Datasucker is in here to make the Icebreakers a bit better on important runs. It can also force the corp to purge, which is ok. Impallows you to get rid of pesky operations, ice, etc you may access. Keyhole, as explained earlier, allows you to combo with Eater and hit from another angle. Magnum Opus is nice cause it can outrace a Weyland Seasource or Punitive strike if need be, also its a nice econ round for you. Nerve Agent with Sneakdoor Beta allows you to hit for the archives or the 2nd HQ, making the corp Ice up Archives which lowers ICE in other servers that will need it. Self-modifying Code is in itself, tutor. get what you need right when you need it!. Sneakdoor Beta is basically a staple in any Professor deck, but in this deck, the idea is to be able to hit at many different angles as possible.


So as you can see, this deck can hit all servers pretty hard if need be. Eater+ Keyhole for R&D, Sneakdoor Beta + Nerve Agent allows you to pick off some nice cards when its unprotected Archives is a double whammy with HQ! Have fun and I'll see you next week when I take a look at a corp ID! Happy Brewing! -Allen "Sidkah" Wontroba

9 Apr 2015 Xh4rx4d

Djinn is not in there. Did you mean to put 1x Leprechaun and 1x Djinn?

9 Apr 2015 Sidkah

@Xh4rx4d yeah! I meant to edit it but forgot. When I was typing this in here, Faerie wasn't in and Djinn was. I was talking to my bud about this and he suggested to take the Djinn out and put a faerie in. I just got lazy and was too tired to fix it. Thanks for the catch! Also I had a hard time with Aesops or Personal Workshop.

9 Apr 2015 CobraBubbles

Needs moar Parasite!!

9 Apr 2015 BaronZilar
9 Jun 2015 Earth Red

@Sidkah Hey, are you going to update this deck list, with say, the Djinn, since this deck is one of the featured Professor decklists?

26 Jun 2015 Sidkah

@Earth Red yes! I'm so sorry lol. I've been really busy with other decks, getting ready for the Philly Regionals (which I should publish decks/report) and a job. I'll update this within the next couple of days! I really am surprised and happy this is a featured list! Thanks for reminding me!