Lobotomy v0.3 (The Samurai)

vvribeiro 815

UPDATE from Lobotomy v0.2 (http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/18701/lobotomy-v0-2)

EDIT: I forgot about Committee's ruling. Can't advance Ronin and kill in one turn. If only it was "can't advance agendas"...

Thanks for the feedback.


The clock is ticking.

The surgeons are ready and the runner knows it's only a matter of time now. Punishment day is here and the needle is pointy, sharp and merciless. But it's also painless. And quick.

The clock keeps ticking.

The memories start to fade as the bioroid nurses push the chair towards the surgery room. That server, it was supposed to be a trap, and in fact it was. Suddenly the chip blew inside his arm, blood everywhere, and what was an unquestionably meat damage really felt like a wound to the brain. Severe pain and agony mixed up into the finest bad decisions cocktail. A Chrome City specialty. Next time it was supposed to be an agenda, but it was nothing but GRNDL stocks, not a completely waste of time, sure, however, an expensive run, which allowed the Corp to blow another chip.

The clock ticks louder.

That last server. Couldn't be left alone. This time it was a trap.

Surgery team is ready. Runner feels their gaze upon him. Forgets where this all started, remembers his mom, his dog, his favorite toy. The only things that matter now. It is time.

"Don't worry, you'll feel nothing after we're done.".

8 Apr 2015 Madrox

Love the flavour, I've been working on something similar myself, but using Neural Emps for the flatline once the handsize has been brought low enough through Valley Grid/brain damage. You can't advance cards when you use Efficiency Committee though, so it doesn't quite combo with Ronin how you'd like. However if you're playing a little shell-gamey (and I see you have some lovely Cerebral Overwriters), then you could try and fit in Haas Arcology AI to help trigger the Ronin. Both Arcology and Ronin would need one advancement on them before the turn of death, but it could work. Also if you pull off the Arcology you could use it for your 3-point agendas either way.

8 Apr 2015 vvribeiro

Damn! Forgot about the Efficiency Committee rule. Thanks.

9 Apr 2015 afishisborn

Definitely gotta second the Neurals. Throw in some recursion, either Archived Memories or Reclamation Order, and now the Committee can certainly kill, especially after a Valley Grid. Just spitballing here, but -2 Ronin, -3 Tech Startup, +3 Neural EMP, +2 Archived Memories. I also might want to try to include a few more ice to further support Valley Shenanigans, and maybe convert 2 Demos into Adonis Campaign so you have more assets that need trashing.

9 Apr 2015 DrunkenGineer

Drop to 1 Ronin, add 3 Shipment from SanSan (combos with Efficiency Committee), and throw in an Executive Boot Camp to keep the Ronin density the same.

9 Apr 2015 vvribeiro

@DrunkenGineer The idea is nice, but it's a way more difficult combo. And about Executive Boot Camp, I think Tech Startup has the advantage of installing the asset without spending a click.

Thanks for the ideas!

9 Apr 2015 DrunkenGineer

(jank alert)

@vvribeiro yes, but if you're going for a kill shot Ronin after you've scored an EC, it doesn't matter if you need to spend the click or not. You only need 5 clicks to deploy Ronin (2 SfSS + activate), so you have a 6th click to install it after fetching from deck with EBC.