The Future of NBN

hi_impact 1709

This is what we can expect for NBN in the SanSan cycle.

And it's a breath of fresh air.

It's a moving parts deck, but your moving parts are comprised of multiple two-card combos. First RSVP on remotes, Grail on Centrals. Keep an eye on any potential Data Raven + Connectivity Fee combo. Play current only when you are pushing to score. If you have the clicks, try to advance everything once to bluff NAPDs.

10 Apr 2015 esutter479

No Merlin?! Oh well, I'm still gonna favorite it. This looks beastly. :)

10 Apr 2015 hi_impact

He fills the same 4 STR code gate slot as RSVP, but costs more. This decks econ runs smoothly, but I'm afraid any more tollbooths or higher cost ICE would give you trouble.

11 Apr 2015 hhooo

Why bother with Algorithm and RSVP instead of just playing an ETR code gate and a good card in place of algorithm? You don't have anything punishing to access without money, like Fetal or Psychic field, you'd be better off just ending the run instead of depending on wacky combos to make your ice functional.

12 Apr 2015 tiedyedvortex

@scourged The reason you put Merlin in TWIY is not necessarily to rez him; you just keep him in you hand to add net damage to Lancelot and Galahad. Grail Ice is a compounding effect, like NEXT or Bioroid ice, in that they get more dangerous the more you have in one deck, so shorting yourself for something like Blue Level Clearance doesn't make a ton of sense.

@hhooo Oh god I have to go put RSVP in my Jinteki deck, like right now. That's so evil.