Strongest Together

Transevil 2

HB Glacier deck.

Stronger Together to put Viktor's out of Yog.0 range, Heimdall 2.0 out of Knight range.

Oversight AI and Bioroid Efficiency Research to rez big ice. Ash and Caprice as a second way of disrupting the run. Agendas to help rez big ice (or derezzed ice from broken Bioroid Efficiency Research).

Adonis and Rex Campaigns as econ asset. Adonis in favour over Eve as there's only 1 scoring server so assets needs to be relatively short lived. Rex against Valencia. Unsure if Brain-Taping Warehouse is worth it.

Heinlein Grid because lol. Enhanced Login Protocol because lol.

Successful Demonstration might be a stretch. May consider swapping for another Hedge Fund and 1x Tyr's Hand

2x Wotan, 1x Heimdall 2.0, 2x Janus are expensive but that's why there's Oversight AI and Bioroid Efficiency Research for temporary rez until Priority Req and Bifrost Array can rez them.