All aboard the Agenda Express!

KryptikRVR 28

The initial idea for this deck was to play a lot of run events to help me learn to be more aggressive as a runner. After some initial success and some fine tuning I've managed to build a deck that is a lot of fun to play and can put on a lot of pressure for the corp. After playing this deck in the last 2 local tournaments it has a 9-0 W/L ratio.

The Strategy: You want to mulligan for some cash and a faerie, drop the faerie and start running all over the place. Keep up occasional draws to fuel your aggression with run events and to start building your rig. Faerie will keep you safe from most dangerous ice so the main goal here is to keep the corp scared and poor. From here on your game plan is to just keep hitting wherever the corp is weakest while John Mas and Mr Li make sure you always have weapons in hand.