Sub Astrogears v1

LynxMegaCorp 1336

Simple strategy to utilize key cards:

Sub Boost adds great utility to the ice selection (I might not use it on Pop-Up though.)

On Bandwidth its a Str 5 code gate / barrier for 0, which is great already. Add to that the need to break both routines using Data Raven ahead of it and its tax accumulates.

Data Raven becomes a souped up Bastion - 4 to 4 ratio that forces a tag AND requires at least 3-4 creds from Corroder to get past, eliminating the 'run through' method completely.

Popup becomes a cute little tax with a touch more stopping power. Altogether this combination can force breakers out completely.

Mushin whatever you have - trap or agenda, and show the Runner they need to run it. You can save Astro for 'free' NAPD scores (or astroadvance / advance an ignored Beale for 3 points). You can also severely punish with astro / ambushes before access!

Jackson is mostly here to recur ambushes or used Mushin.

This deck obviously runs light on credits, mostly needing 4 at most for Data Ravens, so suck it, Account Siphon.

Ghost Server can stick 3 (4 with a nicely timed Astro counter) to impede the Runner. Traffic Accident is our cheaply priced and influenced damage of choice (alongside Junebug to laugh at Plascretes).

This deck aims to be the quirkiest breed of FA out there. I look forward to testing. ID chosen mainly because this doesn't need traces and doesn't install much. Questions and comments appreciated.

14 Apr 2015 lolpaca

I really like the idea, and the use of Sub Boost on Bandwidth is inspired. I wonder if ditching the Mushin/Junebug shenanigans in favour of Scorched would be a more consistent (and admittedly boring) choice though.

It sometimes feels like TWIY's a bit redundant now NEH is here, so credit for picking this ID too! :)

15 May 2015 HedgeFundHedges

Love this deck. Looking forward to playing it.