Chain of Strength

tmoiynmwg 6156

21 Apr 2015 Rodge

I loved playing against this in the SSCI tourney (in our 65 minute marathon match!) and have given it some run outs since, including at a store tournament this past weekend where it won 3/5 games.

This deck is much better than I initially gave it credit for. If you can score a False Lead and then get a Heinlein Grid installed - then you're pretty much guaranteed the next 3 point agenda to be scored. People tend to underestimate the Brain-Taping Warehouse until it's been used against them once or twice, then they stick with either last turn running or they really focus on killing them (which is taxing as, like you, I always installed them behind a piece of ICE).

With 18 ICE, my luck at drawing was abysmal - 2 games I had to mulligan and fell into 3 agenda hands with no ICE. In the other matches where I got the statistical 1 agenda or less in my opening 6 cards - I was practically unstoppable.

I'm going to play it a little more, but at present I feel like it needs another Jackson Howard - but that is mainly because we have a couple of heavy Noise players in my local meta. Other than that - I think this is a fantastically fun deck!

28 Apr 2015 ichigokuto

Ryon Knight out of this is gonna hurt bad...