Conga Line of Doom

Lttlefoot 1077

Your heavily defended scoring server is not just for agendas. A conga line of assets makes their way through this server, usually starting with Tech Startup. This fetches Eliza's Toybox (or Melange Mining Corp.) so that you can use it immediately to make that server even safer, then continue to use it to rez your central ice to save yourself heaps of credits. In the meantime shuffle your agendas back into your deck with Jackson as necessary. Next in the conga line is Reversed Accounts. The runner either spends all their money trying to run through your scoring server to trash it, or loses all their money when you rez and activate it. Now that the runner can't afford to get into your server, install an agenda.

Early game you might even be able to score an agenda behind something like Hive / Chimera / Mother Goddess, and Hostile Takeover can be scored from hand, so you might find yourself in the position of only needing to score 1 agenda in the above mentioned complicated way to win.