SSCI top8 HB

SeIverin 3125

HB glacier on NEXT ice and red b*tch

13 Apr 2015 Watzlav

Although I yet have to watch the elimination rounds, I can say I liked your performance from the one game I've seen yesterday and I am glad that you've published the deck list.

I wanted to ask how often do you try to score points behind mythic Mother Goddess while taking the risk of unprotected centrals and if you consider that ice indispensable to any deck that runs NEXT suite?

13 Apr 2015 SeIverin

I have only 1 Mother Goddess so scoring behind it is very rare. It's not indispensable but work very well as cheap ice that boosts other NEXT ice. And 4 str with etr is also solid.

13 Apr 2015 xjohncandyx

Very similar to something I was going to start playing, glad to see I'm not far off.

Did you find NEXT Gold hitting often? I feel like it's pricey and very unlikely to do much against Shapers since it's an AP/Destroyer.

13 Apr 2015 SeIverin

I killed one guy so it's ok :P

13 Apr 2015 Cerberus

Congrats :)

Are there any changes you'd make following the tournament?

13 Apr 2015 SeIverin

No, i think it's optimal.

14 Apr 2015 moistloaf

Red Bitch. I like it

14 Apr 2015 JBFlanz

Selverin, I love this deck! I was casting during one round with you on the stream and it was a delight. Aggressive and on point. Very well done!

14 Apr 2015 spags

Love the build. I was thinking of a similar build. Seems like a Troubleshooter would slot in well for the Golds. Find the Crisium necessary?

14 Apr 2015 SeIverin

Crisium grid is indispensable. Only way to fight shaper spamming of legwork/maker's eye, and criminal syphons. It's very hard to get enough money and clone chips/cerberus to make run, trash crisium and then make event run again.

17 Apr 2015 Wookiee

How did IQ work out for you? I have a similar archetype I'm trying to improve, but I've got Wendigo in as an attempt to do a weird trap to NEXT Gold or strengthen Silver/Bronze. I'm not thrilled with it, though.

Are you running the Adonis Campaign and Eve Campaign naked, generally, or putting them in a strong server? And finally, are you trying to score early on? Or are you relying on Caprice and Ash to keep your servers safe?

18 Apr 2015 SeIverin

IQ is good because you can modify it's strenght. If someone has yog keep str 5, with david 4. Generally im trying to keep adonis and eve behind 1 ice, but if runner is poor i'm installing it undefended. If it's possible i'm trying to score early some betatest, but main tactic is to put caprice and ash.

20 Apr 2015 Mtgred

How do you feel about Cyberdex Virus Suite ? What's the reason for its presence?

20 Apr 2015 SeIverin

Viruses are the reason. Ability to purge datasucker or parasite on aproach is too good to not play with it.

23 Apr 2015 xjohncandyx

Cyberdex is a very useful 1-of in most Corp decks. Someone hit it in my deck last night and it purged 5-6 Datasucker tokens on the spot. Now imagine the Runner hitting one after spending time ramping Medium up...

@SeIverin Have you run into a lot of ICE destruction? I was a bit hampered by early Bronze/Silvers getting picked off by Parasites last night.

24 Apr 2015 SeIverin

Most of the time im faster than ice destruction. If you have problem try to use jackson for taking back ice.

25 Apr 2015 krystman

@SeIverin Love this deck. I'm currently experimenting with it. I was considering swapping two of the PAD Campaign for two Executive Boot Camp . The ice rez ability of Boot Camp works really well with NEXT ice. since you can use it to deliberately boost it. The cheaper rez cost is a similar effect to Pad Campaign's. And if you are running low on money you can trash them to fetch one of the Campaigns... or a Jackson.

That kind of swap would help against Blackmail but it would also work against Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist.

However, the 2 influence are hard to come by. The Tollbooth would be probably the 1st one to go.

What do you think?

25 Apr 2015 xjohncandyx

@krystman Not OP but I've been playing a similar deck, I just left out the PADs for 2 Biotic and 1 Archived Memories. EBC was brought up last week when I was playing so I considered testing it. I'm going to drop Tollbooth and 2 Biotics to add 2 EBC and a Turing. I think Turing gives you another good scoring remote Code Gate in place of Tollbooth and some added Eater/AI resistance. Not sure if AM is totally necessary but I like having it around. Let me know how you make out.

25 Apr 2015 SeIverin

EBC are reasonable, i'm just like more tollbooth. I would add turing in place of iq.