The Ghost in Your Machine

CodeMarvelous 19749

So this is the MK1 test version of my Brain damage deck.

13 Apr 2015 magikot

I really think that Fenris would be perfect ice for this deck.

13 Apr 2015 CodeMarvelous

Architect has made it that fenris will never go off because people rarely facecheck without mimic

13 Apr 2015 Tr33beard

I feel like Ryon Knight and Turing are going to be best buddies once both are out.

15 Apr 2015 x3r0h0ur

I've removed fenris from all of my brain damage kill variants of HB due to architect. With 1 except, when I have inazuma, which is fantastic in these decks due to its synergy with the BD ice and of course Ichi.

15 Apr 2015 dormio

Is this going to be economically viable? The only econ you have is from Adonis and Hedge Fund, and Adonis won't last long because all of the ice is completely porous.