Painting With Forks

BTrain 2956

A touch of red here, a splash of blue there.

This deck is a new take on the old FaeRush Paintbrush archetype, and is an homage to the first build I ever netdecked when I started playing this game just over a year ago. The concept is as simple now as it was then: slap down a Faerie and start facechecking to force the rez, then paint your way into a troublesome server. It was definitely fun, but the biggest problem with the old FaeRush was that I found it would quickly fizzle - after all, you only have a limited number of Faeries, and once servers got too stacked with unrezzed ice it could be a bear to deal with. But this time around we have some new toys to make sure that doesn't happen.

Forked changes everything here. Ice no longer starts to stack because you can relentlessly tear it down with just one extra click from your Paintbrush, and the best part is you don't even have to break with Faerie. As long as you paint a barrier or a code gate to be a sentry, you can Fork it with your respective breaker.

Memory can be a bit of an issue here, so I added in two Akamatsu Mem Chips for consistency, but you'll find that your Faeries are more just safety nets in the early game, and they're the most disposable parts of your rig. Chaos Theory's 5MU out of the gate really helps you to facecheck safely.

This deck feels well-positioned as we head into the SanSan Cycle and corps start to put on the deep-freeze with a new wave of glacier decks. After all, they can't set up behind of fortress of ice if all their ice is in the trash...