Bioroid Birthday Party v2

Murphy 1388

Brain Taping was interesting enough to make me want to try ST. I only got about 20 games in but I am fairly confident it still isn't ready for prime time yet (or at least my version of ST isn't).

The biggest problem with ST is the early game. ICE is expensive, the runner can basically get into any server if they are willing to spend the time, and it is really hard to score out.

So my goal here was to get out of the early game ASAP. I wanted efficient econ card slots. Celeb Gift -> Restructure is hard to beat economically. Subliminal Messaging was also a solid include as few runners can sustain runs every turn against ST if we get to the mid game. I really like Successful Demo and wanted it to work but I don't think it is the right choice for ST for obvious reasons.

If we can get enough ICE on the board and the operation econ comes together quick enough to not get siphoned enough, we have a real shot at winning.

I tried Heinlein Grid and really wanted it to work but it is far too situational for my tastes. To help on a remote you need to combo it with Ash. On a central they can just take a brain damage from Viktor or trash a card with Markus to save their pool. Or still click through on the Siphon run.

I decided against campaigns since Eve takes too long to pay out (I love it in ETF), and Adonis or Melange are worth clicking through to trash.

What I dislike about ST is Bioroids. A few are great. Too many and you just give the runner too many options when it comes to important runs.

Maybe my operation, rush style isn't right for ST but I am not convinced assets are right either. Outside of Brain Taping. That one is pretty great.

15 Apr 2015 Bigboss017

have you consider using a mix of next with bioroids

15 Apr 2015 Murphy

I did consider mixing up the ICE a bit but with so few ICE slots, I had a hard time going lower on Bioroids. The Chum and Inazuma could be something else though. I didn't have fantastic success with those 2.

I don't think NEXT is the right answer just because they would require too many slots. The new server specific ICE in Breaker Bay maybe have potential in this role.

15 Apr 2015 Jashay

I personally struggled to get a proper 'Rush' to work with ST, as the clickability of the ICE causes loads of problems.

Heinlein Grid is situational, as you say, but it combos extremely well when you have stacked bioroids. I think, from your comment, that you are using it to try and surprise runners into losing all their credits, which will rarely work... Of the ICE you have here, I think only the Ichis are ones worth losing credits over. It also works with Janus 1.0 and Heimdall 2.0 in a lot of cases, but that's by-the-by.

Instead, consider it as a means around the bioroid weakness. In your examples, that 3 rez has ended the run. It has also meant that any future runs on the server cannot realistically use the bioroid ability to get through. It even helps against e3 Feedback Implants, which are absurd against these decks. Having Viktor 1.0 and Eli 1.0 on a server with Heinlein Grid behind it costs a Corroder-ZU.13 Key Master combo 9 to get through.

Its biggest probelm is that it doesn't stop things like Account Siphon and The Maker's Eye, which is why I tend to go 2 Heinlein Grid and 2 Crisium Grid these days.

Successful Demonstration is pretty poor in these decks, and I think you have the economy pretty well covered even without them.

It is absolutely worth putting some actual ETR in there; only 2-3 are usually needed. Still working out which ones to use, but I have high hopes for the upcoming Turing.

15 Apr 2015 DarkTsunder

From what I see, you are trying to make a glacier deck with cheaper ice, using your ability to heighten the strength. I feel you would get better use swapping out Markus for Heimdall 2.0. It does cost more money, but it costs them so much more overall. It also makes it immune to an unaided Knight.

It also gives you a reason to swap the Project Wotan for PriReq, which does more for you when scored. PWotan seems nice, but in practice, I have found it's ability does not tend to do much.

I agree with the Jashay on Crisium. It does so much work these days. Demo would be better placed on Melange, Private Contracts, or one of the several, in-faction traps. That way every advanced card isn't an agenda. On that note, You might see if you can make room for Reversed Accounts. This card is very disruptive to many plans when it hits. Either they run the expensive scoring server and lose all of their money; or the lose anywhere from 8-16s. I understand you are very influence starved with Celebrity Gift though.

I think you have an overall solid deck here. I personally want this identity to work, but I always find myself needing the ETF credits.

15 Apr 2015 Murphy

Thanks for the feedback.

Crisium probably needs to go in. I would pull out the Inazuma.

I need to see Heinlein in play before I am convinced. I just couldn't figure out how to make it work with any sort of consistency.

Melange would be alright but only if you combo it with something like Heinlein. It is difficult to get 2 layers of Bioroids rezzed early enough to protect it. I like my Melanges to pay off at least twice in general.

Reversed Accounts is a pretty good suggestion but it seems like it would work better with 4/2s than 5/3s since you need a click to use it before making use of the window. Maybe ST will get a decent 4/2 eventually.

I agree with PriReq over Woton. Even if you can rez an Eli with it. That is probably going to be more taxing overall than a scored Woton.