Moonbase Bravo 1

Snake Eyes 4582

Moonbase Alpha has been stripped down for parts, and rebuilt in a brand new facility, Moonbase Bravo. All essential personal has been transferred over. The air supply at Moonbase Alpha will be available for -static crackles-.

Scorched Earth has been removed as a win condition here. This deck is no longer a kill deck. I've been finding kills less predictable due to the advent of I've Had Worse - so let's just focus on other great alternative tag punishment techniques.

Tag-Storm is still the name of the game - with that sweet sweet Project Beale + Psychographics combo always around. The 7 Point Beale is a majestic creature that is glorious to behold.

Crisium Grid is added for Account Siphon protection and is all-round the best reactive defensive non-ICE card in the game imo.

3x Mental Health Clinic is used to sop up some of that sweet sweet available influence that cutting out Scorched Earth made available. It comes with two major perks... For starters, it is instant profit that can be rezzed at zero. As a second major perk it will make that Sweeps Week hit even juicier.

Shoot the Moon is one of the most fun cards in the game. It can cause criminally cheap rezzes on expensive pieces of ICE. Even just setting it up with an Install-Advanced Breaking News is pretty FTW. Having a Tollbooth and an Archer rezzed for 3 credits is fantastic.

Viper added as a 3 cost 4 str 2 sub codegate that makes use of good tracers.

ATM 11 economy cards, plus 3 pop ups, and a Shoot the Moon which can be a huge economic boon. Melange Mining Corp. getting hit once or twice really helps screw the corkscrew into your Runner's knuckles for the big Midseason Replacements play. Extra tags and tag punishment in the form of Data Raven, Manhunt, Information Overload, and Closed Accounts.