Million Dollar Dream

Captain 48

I wanted to design a choke deck that could actively attack and punish the runner for installing cards . Inspired by @zeromus HB deck I chose to build towards the Crackdown archetype. I chose NEXT design because of the first turn bonus can help to start cracking down sooner as well most of the ice is cheap gearcheck ice so if the runner wants to get in they have to install their breakers. Housekeeping is another great card that can and will punish the runner for installing cards, if you don't see Docklands its totally fine to play it out first turn and get some money. Ice is basic NEXT suite with Sherlock to uninstall programs. Sherlock is a great tax and its ability is so much better if you are going to punish installs and is awesome vs MaxX. This is just the first version of this deck and could probably be improved but I need more testing to decide what to include and cut.