Tea Ceremony at the GreenHouse v 1.0

Dydra 2773

This is a very interesting deck that I came up with. The idea is to never-advance your way to victory.

Setup remotes with 1sub ICE and Valley Grid, never advance cards in it. Here are a few tricks.

Biotic + GreenHouse flip for Scoring TFP from 0 advance. Biotic + GreenHouse flip for Instant 3 Net after you've eliminated some of their handsize.

Self-destruct for a Chairman fail-safe. If you lose the caprice bid and maybe hit them for some solid Net.

Greenhouse Flip to a Philotic with 0 advance if they get "lucky" and steal your Gila's.

As I was thinking that this is a definitely a "greenhouse only" deck, then I realized that you can turn 1 ==> Gyri Labyrinth + Chairman a remote. They will most likely run it Click 1. Won't have 6c, can't steal, you rezz chairman and Brewery flip for 2 net on a -4 hand size :) OR , they take a credit, run Chairman, steal it ... have a smug face and then they realize they run through Gyri 2 times and that is -4 hand size and u can Brewery flip :)

I know the second is very situation based, but still something interesting to think about.

I will definitely sleeve this one up for some testing on Sunday :)

17 Apr 2015 Yziel

Have you considered running False Lead over Gila Hands? It'd give a you a few more options for the surprise flip-of-death or hiro+multi-neural or just to make sure they're out after they bounce off a caprice. Also great when they hit a snare so they can't draw back up or clear the tag.

17 Apr 2015 Dydra

That's great idea ... I'm having Gila, since I'm not sure how much Econ you would need run this properly, but I Believe that False Lead is a viable option.

17 Apr 2015 Dydra

I honestly am split in between running Scorches or/and Biotics, but Biotics gives more options.

18 Apr 2015 Fuck_Dydra

This is retarded .... HOW exactly is that true? Negative hand size shouldn't be able to kill the runner ... I have to check the rulebook ...

19 Apr 2015 dydra_is_effed

F this. I am gonna do Greenhouse flip or brewery flip depending on what suits me midgame, thats the whole point of this deck. FFG says I have to choose the ID to flip at beginning ?? f FFG, its too much trouble to read the cards and understand the rules. I will make my own rule-book.

19 Apr 2015 Diedra

You should consider all possibilities before you post...maybe the rule book wasnt meant to be understand...maybe its meant to be exploited...I mean interpretative...totally fine to choose your flipping ID midgame...the rule book doesnt even define "first turn"...

19 Apr 2015 Dydra

Thank you sad griefer, for wasting your time with fake accounts :) It truly makes me happy to know how sad you are :)

20 Apr 2015 slobad31

I'm glad there's so much experimentation going on with Valley Grid. I've been meddling with it, myself, but my build includes a bit more econ, draw power, and Ashigaru. It feels really good to have the runner HAVE to break 5 ETR subroutines to get into a Valley Grid remote. It makes a kill shot much simpler, as well. I'll definitely be testing this, though, and hopefully find the best of both worlds. How do you feel about triple Cortex Lock, though? Mid to late game, it seems like the runner would just fill up MU and let the subroutine fire for zero damage, thus not triggering the grid. I get that it's awesome early game ICE, and I haven't tested it at 3 (so take this with a grain of salt), but do you find three to be a good number there? Overall, it looks like a lot of fun. Well done!

20 Apr 2015 slobad31

Ignore the Ashigaru...I begin my morning with a fail at misreading the Grid. That's what I get for sleep-deprived deckbuilding.

20 Apr 2015 Dydra

@slobad31 3x Cortex Lock so you see it as early as possible. Also if the runner is playing some excessive MU deck ( Data Folding, Mem Strips, Overmind ) like me ( Got an Ekomind and 3x Mem Strip Valencia deck), the threat is real :)

The one thing I'm most proud of for this deck is the duality of it. You can be runner The Brewery or The Greenhouse with equal success in the same deck. If a Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined deck runs only Greenhouse or only Brewery, it's no different than any deck in the game.