"LOL Mimic" v0.4

dodgepong 1796

I hate dealing with sentries. Whenever I make a runner deck, I'm always afraid that I'll face-check a sentry that I can't deal with in some way. So I built the deck that I'm always afraid of to see how people deal with it. Either it will win a lot, or I will learn how people overcome scary sentries.

Sentry breakers all suck. Mimic requires datasucker support, Switchblade/Dagger require stealth credits, Garrote costs an arm and a leg in credits and MU, Faerie/Sharpshooter/Deus X all require recursion, Femme is expensive and limited...they are all terrible! I hate them all!

So let's make some runners dance.

The basic idea of this deck is to kill their killer and lock them out. If they install Mimic, just laugh at them. Otherwise, do everything you can to constantly threaten their rig.

Not sure on agenda composition, especially between Government Contracts and High Risk Investment. Chronos is awesome if you can remove their killer and/or recursion from the game. Cortex Lock is fun because you hopefully will always keep them open on MU. Rototurrent is kind of like a mini-Archer if you Troubleshoot it.

The fun one here is Changeling. Many runners have no way to deal with a 4-strength non-AP non-Destroyer ETR sentry, especially if they run Mimic as their primary breaker. Calimsha Kate just throws up her hands.

Still a work in progress. I'd love any feedback!

17 Apr 2015 Comfect

Why Enigma? Why not Wendigo (stronger, can beat Yog.0, turns on your destroyers if they don't break it) or Lycan (yes it's strength 3, but it can be a code gate to Mimic)? Alternatively Quandary or more Wormholes?

17 Apr 2015 dodgepong

Wendigo is not a bad idea, but I guess I was just mainly looking for early game ETR. Wendigo doesn't do anything as the innermost ICE. Lycan might be OK, though it's pretty expensive. I don't see much Yog.0 in my meta, but I'm not worried about it due to Wormhole and Will-o-the-Wisp.