Reinana (1st, Auckland Hobbymaster GNK)

Fjord 1777

Small tournament win for a prototype deck. Might do a bit of writeup after more tuning but feel free to ask any questions.

19 Apr 2015 gumed85

Hey there! Can you give a small resume of how you pilot this deck? Do you think its crucial to have enhanced vision and symmetrical visage? (I don't have "the valley" yet. Thank you!

20 Apr 2015 Lorgar

wouldn't the deck profit from the crim central breakers? At least the breach seams to be a good backup when you are encounter Weyland or grail ice. I'm in doubt about one Xanadu. Has it worked for you?

20 Apr 2015 Fjord

@gumed85 I've been quite impressed with Symmetrical Visage and Enhanced Vision but you can easily replace them. Try a Special Order and an Inside Job.

Mulligan - Supplier or 3+ econ cards (most of the resources qualify)

Turn 1 - Draw, Draw, Install, Install; or something like that. It's very important to use your opening credits to start off your economy and begin developing the synergy of the deck.

Midgame - Look to use Account Siphon/Shutdown/Crescentus drain the corp's credits and get into the remote.

Lategame - Let Silhouette's expose tell you when to Quest Completed. Your economy is up to full speed and can power Keyhole runs.

@Lorgar Central breakers are interesting but the only major thing Eater lacks is remote access and those won't help. Part of the attraction is it's a full rig in one card which is actually great against Grail. Eater guarantees runs and does 90% of the work here with the other breakers playing supporting roles. Corroder is for Wraparound and occasional access opportunities. Mimic is for Swordsman and slight efficiency gains on Architect and Caduceus. Crypsis is the remote threat and lategame archives access.

Since Xanadu is unique you're not likely to see people packing three copies even in Anarch. In a 40 card deck with a high amount of draw you should see it most games. It's not critical to the strategy and it's good to see at any point since there will be derezzing going on all the way to the end. It's particularly powerful as a way to leverage Silhouette's information advantage. A simple example: you've exposed the Enigma on R&D and they're at 3 credits with Xanadu out. That's a window to Keyhole hard. Or say a scenario where you run HQ and expose a Lotus Field guarding the remote with them at 9 credits, run the remote, Emergency Shutdown and run again.

30 May 2015 instinctive

Seems tight on MU once you bring Keyhole out? Any thoughts about Chrome City? esp. re: Turing and Quicksand?

12 Jun 2015 Fjord

Sorry for the slow response @instinctive

This isn't a deck that focuses on getting out a full rig. Just Eater, just Crypsis or even just Crescentus can be all you need to start making moves. You will run into the situation where you just use Crescentus on anything in order to make room but that's about as tight as it gets for MU.

Turing does seem like it would be an issue. On the other hand, ice that doesn't punish the facecheck and costs 4+ to rez is exactly what Reinana is hoping they'll play. I wouldn't worry about it until people start playing it in your meta.