Shaping the Inevitable

esutter479 318

One of two things will will win and it will be glorious, or you will lose...painfully. I mean, duh, of course...but with some luck and skill on your side, I think this Prof deck has as much chance as anything else. It may not be as potent as some Anarchs, or as consistent as some Criminals, but it can adjust to anything the Corp can throw at it. The key is timing, and knowing what to attack.

I lost a game to a Gagarin glacier deck with OTG/Crisium combo thrown in with some kill tactics. I lost, because I failed to destroy his Root, and he simply fast advanced his space ICE and taxed me down to a nub.

Clot was added mostly because I read articles and watched videos where people advised to not put it in simply because the threat of Clot alone is enough to not bother with it. Professor laughs at that claim. For him, it's 1 card slot and (effectively) 0 influence for a card that can cripple FA business over and over again.

I have no AI breaker, but Parasite can eat up Excalibur as well as Universal Connectivity Fee, as well as Chimeras and Mothers that rez early to try to keep me out. Eater COULD go in place of Imp, but why bother sacrificing a card that can eat away at assets and get Scavenged (or Cloned) back into play?

Lastly, Leprechaun trees!! What could possibly be more fun (or evil, when built up)? They potentially house 9 memory in one full tree, and that leaves 4 more to lay out beside them with an Astrolabe on the table. If you want jank, you've come to the right place! :)