Proco-Calimsha Kate: Winner London Regionals 19th April (56)

Groober 326

Deck went 8-0 over the day with 3 timed wins (two of them against a very deadly and glacial Blue Sun). Played blue sun twice (frost_duty's deck in the VERY capable hands of Iain Reid), NEH butchershop twice (from Joey), RP 3 times and HB once.

Proco is just so good against slow decks. Against a Blue Sun kill deck, I got to over 90 credits by drawing the whole deck, using Larla, and starting again. Against RP it repeatedly kept me in the game. The best thing to do with this deck is draw cards. Now you get paid for it.

46 cards? Yeah - mistake. Because the draw is a bit slower, it's hard to find plascrete/utopia shard in time. I think I should have bit the bullet and dropped deus ex, although it still saved me a couple of credits vs RP and also let me be less afraid of snare! (although, that can be played around anyway - I'm just a wuss).

Clot? Never played it. Wanted a vamp, but was scared.

Writeup is coming and I'll update this then.

21 Apr 2015 IonFox

What about symmetrical visage over ProCo as it's less of a tempo hit and I'm unsure if you'll be drawing more than once a turn, making it better.

21 Apr 2015 Spaceman_Spiff

Is 3x Diesel worth playing if you're running ProCo? Generally speaking it provides a 1-click savings, but when those clicks to draw could have also come with one credit each, I'm not sure it's worth it.

21 Apr 2015 clercqie

Diesel helps you find your ProCo asap if you don't get it in your first few draws. + sometimes you just have to dig faster if you're under pressure.

21 Apr 2015 Spaceman_Spiff

I guess I just figured that I would prefer 3x Quality Time over 3x Diesel. Digs faster, uses PPvP credits, and I feel less like I'm losing potential money

21 Apr 2015 AsteriskCGY

I think part of the risk is just having to toss stuff. No test runs means only Clones or Scavenge to bring things back. And with that number of events you are most likely going to pay for them with ppvp after a draw.

22 Apr 2015 bblum

we live for the 46

we die for the 46

22 Apr 2015 aphid

I like the idea putting procon back in this, as you van afford to be a bit slower since you're threatening fa with clot. But do you think only 2 proco was the right call?

22 Apr 2015 Groober

@IonFox - I wouldn't use sym. vis.. In many, many games I'm often clicking 2-4 times for draws in a turn. It's very intimidating for the opponent if I say, get 3 creds, 3 cards and install a clone chip. I also personally feel that SV would make me more reluctant to do the right thing and draw up.

@Spaceman_Spiff I think that diesel is a hard choice - maybe making way for QT would be better, but it could make the start awfully rocky sometimes. Unsure.

@bblum Indeed!

@aphid not sure - it seems like 3 proco might be better, but I switched QT for proco and so 2 it was. I guess dead draws are less of an issue if you got a credit for them, so 3 is probably better.

22 Apr 2015 aphid

Cool, yeah 3 is probably better if you're going down the ProCon path anyway.

23 Apr 2015 sruman

Were you chronos protcol'd on the day or see decks with it (only RP and the HB in your list would seem to want it) ? My pre-paid kate seems to me a magnet for them and they can be devastating. Just wondering if you had gotten hit by a CP before first time around and how the deck able recovered. I've taken to putting in a single kati just to try to help, but it looks strange in the deck list.

24 Apr 2015 Groober

@sruman I got chronos project-ed for 7 cards (didn't matter) and then I saw one coming and LARLA-ed. The only build I'm really worried about it with is a kind of bblum-style BS glacier, because it could make a problem for getting through barriers. I think against RP in particular it's not too bad to play around - and if they advance something twice and you're a bit stuck, halt play and use a clone chip if you have to.

25 Apr 2015 iloveMRT

Did you ever instal #Atman?

27 Apr 2015 Groober

@iloveMRT yeah, installed it vs a Blue Sun that had fire wall and taurus. And always good to have vs excalibur, or else it could just be game over.

4 May 2015 PlutoNick

I am interested in the naming of the deck. Calimsha? What's that?

5 May 2015 KefkaPalazzo