Quinn's Gagarin (Modified)

hi_impact 1709

Lowered the ice count, trying out Breaker Bay Grid and Student Loans.

Breaker Bay Grid is interesting. It's a delayed Restructure when used on the Root, and if the Runner decides to get economical and trash only the Asset inside (very possible vs. Gagarin), it can produce even more value, even if it saves 2c more. It's tempting to take out, but I like it.

Cleaned up the Sentries a bit. I really like Quinn's Cortex Lock and it'll probably wind up back in, but I like the Shadow as a threatening ICE and it can be pumped up if you suspect the Runner crutches heavily on Mimic.

Data Raven is just good. I doubt people will be playing Dorm Computer (the best counter to Data Raven and synergizes with Masanori facechecks!) so it'll still be insane.

I am missing Quinn's space ICE. They sound awesome, but I prefer the consistency of running more PADs/Root and not being heartbroken when my starting hand is Wormhole Hedge Fund Assets.

1 May 2015 Dothanite

How's Breaker Bay Grid working out for you? I'm going to test Gagarin out soon, based on Quinn's decklist as well.