[TWA] Au Revoir Control v:1.6

Shielsy 923

Hey all, I'd like to show off another control deck I've been working on that's come up real nice. It's very much been born from a confluence of new developments in Runner strategy that I wanted to find a way to glue together.

As control decks go this one's got pretty different:

  • A standard neutral economy backed by Sneakdoor Beta and Inside Job mean you can compete with aggressive corps in the early game. Mr. Li as your card selection engine works well here since you actually don't want to see every card, only the cards you need.

  • Snitch and Au Revoir give you the means to gain information and credits at the same time, while Security Testing and Datasucker let you pressure un-ICE'd servers. Doppelgänger bridges the gap between these two lines, offering compression that few corps can compete with.

  • Your 11-13 memory worth of programs can come together pretty flexibly. Djinn is my preferred source for memory at a cheap cost (since it is very cheap and can also tutor for the Medium and Datasucker). With CyberSolutions Mem Chip you can play a Snitch and an Au Revoir un-hosted early, and pair them with the Mem Chip later.

  • Medium and Sneakdoor are your finishers, and let you take advantage of weaknesses on R&D or Archives, while you pressure HQ with Account Siphon and the threat of Legwork. Doppelgänger works wonders here too! For extra points, name the server with Security Testing and get your virus counters at a lower cost.

  • Account Siphon plays a very different role here than in the standard midrange criminals. You'll find yourself picking a few up as your work through the deck with Mr. Li, then fire them off when the corp tries to be proactive in a scoring window. You get to trigger an expose, see what's in the server, then Doppelgänger back in there if you need to.

  • The selection of Silhouette is mostly about the remote: since you intend to go long and assemble a massive rig, you can be sure that the corp will also have the opportunity to develop their board too. You have to be able to beat them here, (or there would be no reason to choose this deck over any other), and over a long game there's nothing worse than getting trolled into useless remotes over and over, when you could applying pressure with Sneakdoor or Medium, or just gaining (soooo many) credits and holding onto the beatdown. It's imperative that you are proactive in the long game, rather than having to be reactive whenever the corp hosts anything in their remote.

  • Silhouette helps you cover a second gap in the list: recursion. Without and means to actually recur your breakers and very little redundancy there is a massive risk attached to running face down remotes. Any remote could be a Dedicated Response Team, or an Aggressive Secretary, or a Snare! Silhouette (especially when backed by Sneakdoor) insures you against this wayward damage and program destruction at a very low cost and (with Security Testing) a very low risk.

It's a tough slog, with lots of relevant decision points and a small margin for error. Needless to say, this is one of my favorite decks to date.

Please enjoy!

22 Apr 2015 moistloaf

have you considered Earthrise over Mr. Li? Stimhack community has pretty much unanimously agreed that Li has gone way of the Dinosaurus with Earthrise available, you should give it a try.

22 Apr 2015 Shielsy

Obviously Earthrise Hotel is very good, and as I'm sure many listeners would know I absolutely love it, so yes I've considered it.

There are lots of reasons why Earthrise Hotel is not very good, and sometimes even bad, in this deck:

  • Ordering; The development of this rig is restricted in which order it comes down. This means that when you overdraw you must either have the right piece, play without developing your rig, or go to discard. An analogous situation is when you overdraw as a corp and have to discard agendas. Usually when this happens you have recursion (in Jackson Howard) or redundancy (in the other agendas). However, this deck has neither.

  • Variance: The restrictions on ordering with regards to your rig and the diminishing returns on economy cards (as your engine comes together) mean that the expected value of a random card in this list is actually very low, but with high variance. What does this mean for Earthrise? Well it means that just drawing a card or 2 is usually awful, whereas selecting a card or tutoring is very good. Earthrise offers quantity, not quality; the two usually come together, just not this time.

  • Assembly: The number of cards you need to see to reliably acquire and assemble all the rig pieces is very high (24 for a ~50% chance of having the pieces), so you definitely want to be able to see as many cards as you can as fast as you can. Assuming credit costs are irrelevant Earthrise Hotel sees 4 cards (6 cards - 1 EH -1 draw) and assuming you see 2 EH in 20 cards, you need to spend ~16 clicks drawing and play EH to have a 50% chance of drawing the rig. On that other hand seeing 25 cards with Mr. Li requires ~11 clicks. Adding in the credit cost Mr. Li is clearly superior.

Sorry this is a hefty response, I just want to be clear about why I've made decision to exclude Earthrise Hotel, even though I love it to pieces.

22 Apr 2015 Badeesh

That actually makes a lot of sense.

22 Apr 2015 Dydra

Looks difficult to pilot on first glance.

22 Apr 2015 joeymcjoeysalot

Glad to see Sneakdoor find a slot. It was the one thing that never sat well with me with the last version. I get the idea behind express delivery, but what will you be dieing to get so badly that you risk reseeing all of the cards you've put on the bottom of your deck with Mr. Li before seeing the card you actually want? I plan on trying the changes for sure, I'm just not sure what Express Delivery really offers here.

22 Apr 2015 Qualistarian

Shiels - loved hearing about this deck on TWA, but I haven't been able to shake the thought of using Iain instead of Sil. Any thoughts?

23 Apr 2015 Shielsy

the influence would be a big deal i think, and credits are so cheap in this deck already you wouldnt really be coming out ahead.

23 Apr 2015 SlayerCNV

so...how u install programs? You have NO MU.

3 May 2015 magikot

No MU? He has 7 MU with doppel and memchips. That's enough for all 3 djinns and your breakers. Djinn hosts all the non-breakers. Plenty of MU in this deck for the programs.

29 May 2015 siahofmars

Do you not have meat damage in your meta? how do u not die to say, blue sun KILL YOU! decks? what would u take out for a plascrete or 2?

30 Jun 2015 Wookiee

Typically the ways to counter kill decks are to either block the meat damage (IHW, Plascrete), destroy the meat damage (Edward Kim, Utopia Shard) or out money the corp. The vast majority of kill decks require the corp to have more money than the runner to use SEA Source, Midseasons or Punitive to secure the tags. Clicking for up to 15 credits a turn means that it's going to be rare that you're behind in credits. However, you're still going to be vulnerable to yellow tags in a Breaking News scored on click 1 or the like....

Honestly, I'd find room for an Imp before a Plascrete, given how much time this deck is likely going to spend in HQ.

24 Sep 2015 michaeln

I think it might be 14c a turn at best: a Security Testing run for two, and then Doppelgänger that successful run into four more runs where you jack out and get three Au Revoirs to fire. (If you jack out every time, you can't get the bonus DG run.)

Just getting 5c for the first two runs, and then still having 3 clicks to play with is probably awesome enough.