Get Schooled: IG + Student Loans + Blacklist

DrunkenGineer 846

Use Student Loans and Blacklist to lock the runner's Archives down, then sneak out a Chronos Project to clear Archives and win by attrition kill. Or just watch the runner stumble into traps and slow themselves down enough that you can finish them off with Neural or Scorch. Includes Isabel McGuire as a janky 1-of to recycle traps that the runner declines to trash.

Hasn't been tested yet, but I bet it'll be good in a really dumb way.

22 Apr 2015 lolpaca

The runner's Archives eh :D Nice idea, I think program denial might start becoming more of a consistent thing now Blacklist is around.

23 Apr 2015 DrunkenGineer

Yeah, that card needs a crazy player to prove to the world how good it is. It's the same kind of deceptively good as Crisium Grid, in my opinion.

27 Apr 2015 1uck

Doesn't Blacklist prevent Chronos Project from firing when scored?

28 Apr 2015 DrunkenGineer

Whoa. I think it does. That's crazy.

15 May 2015 ctxjckl

That's why you McGuire blacklist back into your hand before you score the project.