John Masanori in "The Ribbiting" - [20 Point C-c-c-c-combo]

gumonshoe 2973

"God in heinlin Next gold, what's next?" - John Masanori

In the distance, only ribbitting is heard.

HQ (Snare! in hand) > Wormhole > Universal Connectivity Fee > Kitsune (Snare!) > Whirlpool

R&D > Wormhole > Architect > Snowflake

HQ run locks them into the run and bankrupts them. Trigger bullfrog with wormhole and bid 1 (gaining 1) to bounce to R&D. Bid 0 (gaining 1) on snowflake, gaining a credit. Install everything you can with architect. Trigger bullfrog with wormhole and bid 1 (gaining 1) and go to HQ. Repeat.

Eventually you'll need to stop with one card left in R&D, but somewhere in here you should have installed your singleton Matrix analyzer and advanced ALL of your agendas. Hopefully they ran on the last turn, but if they didn't then take that ice tower you created with architect and run them into the edge of world at the end of it without rezzing a single piece of ice.

This deck is not complicated, but it is fairly crazy. Labryinthine servers may be able to help you get there if you can't draw the whirlpool, and ultimately you might want to trade a connectivity fee for an excaliber so that you can actually score those 20 points.

I have no idea if this is even possible, but I'd love to hear your experiences. There's a new standard in jank. And here it is.

23 Apr 2015 whuppo

I dont know if that gum on your shoe is good for you.

23 Apr 2015 Popeye09

Your entire plan relies on getting the exact right ICE, and fast, before the Runner has the tools to break Whirlpool or Wormhole even once.

Surely if ever a deck called for Levy University, it's this one?

23 Apr 2015 gumonshoe

@Popeye09 That would totally tip my hand!!!! :P

Might be worth considering over melange or something. Most decks don't run many ai's. Shaper with atman being the exception and the eater decks. Parasite, you'll find is the great undoing of the deck though. Strength on those traps is so low.

Deck is meant to be fun, not realalistic. If you could actually pull this off reliably, man, what a bad game this would be.

23 Apr 2015 Gsilent

I like Sunset over Midori.

3 Jul 2015 Windave

I can't stop laughing, you are my master