The Most Awkward Beach Party

RealFolkBlues542 27

So this guy comes crashing in to the beach the other day, riding his bike in a full suit of armor and he is stimmed out of his mind. He's got to be twice our age, and constantly rambling on about how much he hates bioroids. There's no way he goes to this school, but no one asked him to leave because we all felt pretty bad for him.

He shows up the next day though, and things just get worse. The guy brings his dealer and starts shooting up in the middle of the day. It's not long before he's showing everyone this brain in a jar he brought, cheating at cards and starting fights with anyone that looks at him weird. Then he started calling up all these random people and telling them to come over. One of them didn't really seem to be interested, so this guy pulls out agun and starts threatening to take hostages if he doesn't get there soon. He tells us later he was only so adamant because he knew this guy could take the fall if the police ever showed up, as if this one armed, armed and armored middle aged man and his entourage of weirdos wasn't the most suspicious thing going on there.

23 Apr 2015 DJINNandJUICE

Hilarious write up. The deck looks cool, but lacks any economy outside the three Sure Gamble and the lone Prepaid VoicePAD. Seems very dangerous with Theo. Might I suggest a version 2.0 the incorporates The Supplier and maybe some One Handed Origami? Could still be hilarious and might be a bit more playable.

23 Apr 2015 RealFolkBlues542

If you were so inclined as to try to make this maybe work and still keep it ridiculous, I'd probably recommend Mr. Kim bring along some mafia goons to the party.

Either way, I wouldn't be too worried about Theophilius. This deck has way too many handsize boosting cards.

25 Apr 2015 Sarmatian

I don't think I'll ever play this deck, but this is hands down the best write up ever!