London Calling

Benjen 701

Imagine, if you will, the following turn: Draw two cards with Earthrise. Take 3 credits off data foldings, 2 off daily casts. Install an R&D interface off the supplier for 2, use replicator to find another one and immediately install it using Haley's ability . . . All before you have taken your first click.

Click 1: Put 3 credits on Kati. (Or pull like 18 off her. Whatever.)

Click 2: install Overmind on London Library. Oh, by the way, it has 8 counters because you quickly installed 3 Q-Coherence chips and 2 Akamatsus using Haley and her replicator on previous turns. Oh, by the way again, it also has 3 strength because of the 3 LLDS processors you also installed.

Click 3: Run R&D and break everything really cheaply. Anything your Overmind can't do, make up for with e3. Access 3 cards.

Click 4: Remove Overmind from London Library.

Click 5: Did I forget to mention you have an Autoscripter installed? That Overmind install got you another click! Booyah! Install host something else on the supplier.

Next turn: Repeat. Win.

This is going to take you a little while to set up. So get Tyson observatory installed as quickly as possible and tutor for replicator. Once that gets rolling, you are going to have a lot of fun.

Levy is there as a fail safe (net damage, unsuccessful run, program trashing, snatch n' grab, etc.)

When you have London Library out, you can also throw a femme on it to snipe agendas out of unsuspecting remotes.

24 Apr 2015 S4MS0N

So much criminal!

3 strength Overmind is no joke! It can cruise through a server full of space ice.

24 Apr 2015 Benjen
24 Apr 2015 Dydra

There is some great synergy here! Kudos for that ... However, I don't see it handling properly against a Midseasons deck :)

24 Apr 2015 juliandark

Decent deck, it just needs too much pieces to even afford one run. Problem isn't that much in midseason, problem is if the corp installs one ice and starts scoring on turn 2. And for this to work, you need Tyson to search for hardware(2 clicks), you need London before you install Overmind. And ideally you want supplier before installing any of the expensive HW or resources.

I really like the combo of London+Overmind, boosted by LLDS (as that's optional), but this imo isn't the way to go, too much jank.

25 Apr 2015 Benjen

Yes, it is super janky and I am trying to figure out if the aforementioned turn is more fun than anything else. I will say this, late game, this thing is awesome. You just have to make it there. I've removed an Inti and put in another Femme Fatale.

27 Apr 2015 lajcik

I love this!

27 Apr 2015 Benjen

I played this in a tournament last weekend and I am sorry to say, it wasn't great. It just to takes too long to get set up. My only win was against a blue sun with a government takeover.

When Jinteki: Replicating Perfection can score out two The Future Perfects against you behind a single piece of ice, you have problems. Back to the drawing board. But if I find a away to include 3 Inside Man . . .

28 Apr 2015 DrBeatnicpie

Played 5 games with this build today and lost all but the first. With that in mind, I still love it. I'm gonna tinker with it a bit and see what happens. I think Inside Man would be a boon.

28 Apr 2015 Benjen

Yes, I was thinking the same thing.

1 May 2015 cmcadvanced

I wouldn't do data folding unless you have underworld contacts. So perhaps don't make this a supplier deck, take out an autoscripter and let the tysons find it, and perhaps a logos or two, add some smc and a 1 of chakana, and see if you can't make that work for you?

1 May 2015 Benjen

@cmcadvanced I've posted an updated version of the deck. Yes, The Supplier was not a good fit. I like your ideas around Logos. Since they very well may score agendas before you are ready, might as well use it to your advantage.

4 May 2015 cmcadvanced

I just made a deck with just data folding, and now I feel like an ass, but in fairness to myself, I used career fair.

5 May 2015 Benjen

@cmcadvanced data folding and career fair are a match made in heaven.