When the Flash wears Yellow!

benticurus 1676

EDIT: -3 Wall of static; -3 Pop-up; +3 Wraparound; +3 Quandry; these changes make the deck way more powerful and consistent.

This deck is an additional iteration of the usual Midseason/Psychographic decks that a like to build. However, this deck has something more going for it: theme & consistency. I've always liked Errand Boy as a card, but never found a productive way of employing it. But in this deck that ICE is perfect: it contributes to the usual "DRAW ALL THE CARDS AND MAKE ALL THE MONEY" strategy that I love.

If you are not familiar with playing decks of this sort; they are a bit straight forward:

(1) Make a bunch of cash as fast as possible and staying ahead in cash of the runner

(2) Bait the runner into stealing an unprotected agenda when you have way more money than the runner, so that you can Midseasons for as many tags as you deem appropriate given the board state. NOTE: To do a 7 point Project Beale with Psychographics, you need the runner with 13 tags and have 13 credits. So it is a bit pointless to try to give the runner more than 13 tags.

(3) ???

(4) Profit ! (win)



A. Avoid wasting your ice making a remote server. Be patient, if necessary, wait for the runner to use up their credits trying to get into the central servers. Unless it seems that the runner only plays Eater for breaker, in which case you can score behind a Wall of Static.

B. Baiting the runner to steal unprotected agendas is just as well done with NAPD Contract as with AstroScript Pilot Program : if they don't steal the AstroScript Pilot Program you can score it; if they steal it, you tag them (win-win for the corp). Or, if you bait with NAPD, advance it once, in case they don't steal, you can score it next turn (if you wish). You can also leave the NAPD's floating, waiting to be stolen if the board state allows for it.

C. Great thing about decks like this is that the deck still works when the runner knows how the deck works: they avoid stealing an unprotected agenda if the Corp is too ahead in credits, so you can still score the agendas without ice: IT.IS.CRAZY.

25 Apr 2015 CrusNB

Wonderful, weird and funny deck. I played it on OCTGN and had a 8-1...

25 Apr 2015 benticurus

@CrusNB happy to see it did so well for you. I play in Jinteki.net (cant be bothered to figure out how to install OCTGN in my Mac); and it has done super well for me too; though I haven't kept track of the win-loose ratio.

Do you have any observations on strategy or card selection after playing it?

28 Apr 2015 CrusNB

My thoughts after playing it a while:

The deck is very nice rounded. Account Siphons in the beginning are a tempohit and so a problem , and is hard to defend against; but a Crisium Grid match not really in this deck.

Also you need to avoid to much agendasteals in the beginning.

Maybe a Quandary for a Pop-up Window is a good change. The runner need clicks and ressources to play around it and we have one more ice with ETR.

Another possible change is Wraparound over Wall of Static, but i think you choose WOS for a reason...

Funny is that sometimes i have no ice in my starthand and i dont even mulligan for it. :D

28 Apr 2015 benticurus

Happy to see you've kept testing. I've been thinking that perhaps I should just go for the Wraparounds and make it harder for Eater decks (to which I still haven't lost though... haha). Saving just one credit can add up under pressure to tag the runner for a specific number of creds. Your idea to put a quandry might be good. I will test it and see. I just love Pop-up because it falls within the theme of "ALL THE CREDITS AND ALL THE CARDS".

I too have kept playing around with the deck, and the win ratio is far above the loose ratio (i dont bother to count the loses, but i know they are few and far between —which is unavoidable in a game that has an element of randomness).

The main weakness is not Siphon, as many suspect; but Magum Opus. If this corp deck has the bad luck to start with a slow economy and the runner knows how this deck works; then the runner can just spend a few turns just clicking for credits, until the go up to ~40 credits, where it really starts to become hard for me to Midseasons them. I recently lost a tournament matchup to a friend who knoes my Midseason shenanigans and quickly got out his Magnum and only clicked for credits until reaching ~50.

Once he had that much money (and since I had bad luck in not pulling an unprotected Astro before he won the economy race) I was unable to stop him from just stealing my agendas without repercussions while i had no way of scoring anything. But even this scenario is possible only when they get MagnumOp early AND the corp didnt draw into much of its economy cards (which is rare since half the deck is economy).

28 Apr 2015 CrusNB

Yes, Magnum Opus early is a thing. In this cases i try to start the astrotrain by just play the astroscript as first and fast click without any signs of hesitate (pokerface!), click two and three operations or ice on R& D. Next click is 3 advance, score. It is a brave play but it worked to 60 %. ;) Open HQ is an invitation and the most people think it is a Pad Campaign or something and wait until i rezz it.

If they stockpile their money, the only chance is to bait them with an NAPD Contract and Tollbooth.

28 Apr 2015 benticurus

Another important lesson that I've learned: if you can bait them with a normal agenda (instead of NAPD) when they are starting to go up in credits, it is best to just bait them with something that they HAVE to steal on access. I just lost a game for baiting with an NAPD, the runner imagined what was up, and never tried to steal anything until he got his bank up to the same credits that i did (~30). So lesson learned: FORCE THE STEAL WHEN NECESSARY, and let them be the ones to 'find' the NAPD in RnD or HQ..

17 May 2015 benticurus

Latest testing shows that it is best with:

-3 wall of static -3 pop-up

+3 Wraparound +3 Quandry

9 Jun 2015 benticurus

@CrusNB Ive mentioned you in a shout-out in the entry for the second version of this deck. it was thanks to your recommendations that this deck managed to become so strong. So yeah, the V.2 version went viral and may even reach deck of the week this next weekend, who knows! hope you've still played around with it in the past weeks and done as good for you as it has done for me.

10 Jun 2015 CrusNB

@benticurus Hey, thx for the honorful mentioning. Wow, glad to hear that you have such a run with it on a Regional!

I played the last weeks another deck (HB Glacier) (had a crazy idea), but i have definitively to test your improved version! :D

I think the next big Expansion "Data and Destiny" and also "Old Hollywood" has some nice cards for this deck that will improve it further more. One card i think of is "Explde-a-palooza" (http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/881/explode-a-palooza/); which is probably better then NAPD Contract for your deck (sounds crazy, but it it true!).

And i am excited to look what "Data and Destiny" will bring to it!

10 Jun 2015 benticurus

@CrusNB Im too excited for the new runner to eventhink about what will be new for NBN haha, imma have to look into this new agend you mention

11 Jun 2015 CrusNB

@benticurus You find it here Explode-a-palooza.

It is better to gain 5 credits compared to "the runner loose 4 credits" which is the case with NAPD Contract. One credit more for tagging. And it work on access which is slightly better.