Chess in London

Pinkwarrior 2232

A more fleshed out idea of my London Exile deck taking things in a different direction somewhat and tagging on Street Chess

The deck revolves around London Library the idea been to install programs for use on the Library then either Scavenge them into play, let them drop of for Clone Chip/Test Run or return to hand.

The deck use's Overmind as it's main breaker using London Library to put it into play for nothing and return it at will to refresh counters, This then links into LLDS Processor giving that Overmind +1 - +3 Str meaning its entirely possible to repeatedly run through low Str ICE without paying a single credit. The same trick can be done with the D4v1d also.

Because this is going to be quite click intensive i felt the econ and draw needed to not be this is one reason why the Street Chess setup is in here since you get it for the runs and you will need the MU boost from Deep Red also, the free MU then ties in nicely with Data Folding which is also click-less econ all fitting together rather nicely.

24 Apr 2015 hbarsquared

I'm assuming there should be 2x London Library in this deck? You're at 43 cards and missing the titular location.

24 Apr 2015 Pinkwarrior

Odd it shows 46 cards and 3x London Library to me