frizz 48

London Library is a card with such great potential. Who wouldn't want an unlimited number of Cerberus "Lady" H1 counters, or to be able to install Femme Fatale on a new ice every turn?

Kit is a great place to run the Library. She's able to put intense early-game pressure on the corp, which gives her ample time to set up both Lockpick for her star Study Guide, and a library card for when she really needs a barrier of sentry breaker.

But here's the secret sauce of this deck. Corps, seeing Kit, will try to pile ice mile-high on scoring remotes and R&D. They'll rez more ice earlier to force Kit to encounter it. But you have a solution! Escher combined with your knowledge of all that early-rezzed ice and Copycat at the right moment can get you into just about any server.

Credit to Bwob for his great review of Copycat.