The Mother of All Combos(THEORYCRAFTING)

Tsgstarwars 144

First of all: This is not meant to be whatsoever competitive, in any way, shape or form. This is a ridiqulous deck meant to win 1 out of 10 games with a stupidly ridiculous combo, that should hopefully win you the game.

The Combo: Triple origami gives you handsize, and paige finds you your extra copies of everything. The idea is to pull an all nighter to get 3 wyldside and 3 hard at work in play (with aesops to get rid of them once you're done with them). Then, in a glourious megaturn, you use overminds, mimic, and mediums (along with any unused all nighters and amped ups) to slaughter rnd with all our money from being hard at work, along with demolition runs and showing off to see even more cards.

I so want to pull this combo off. It will never happen, but there's no reason not to try it. This is also a prototype, so I havent decided what to cut out yet.

26 Apr 2015 Phoenix

You can't have 3 Wyldside in play because they are unique....

26 Apr 2015 dante77

57 cards??? How many Mulligan do you need to start game with good hand?

26 Apr 2015 Tsgstarwars

@Phoenix Shoot. 1 wyldside will just make it slower, and worse. @dante77 See last sentance (its a prototype, not a functioning decklist)

Anyone have any ideas for what to spend influence on?

26 Apr 2015 rumirumirumirumi

I'm confused by what you're actually supposed to be doing with this deck. You use 3 All Nighters to get 7 clicks to install 3 Hard at Works, 3 Wyldsides, and a Aesops after you've already installed Ekomind and 3 Origamis. How is Paige supposed to help you do this at all? Wouldn't you only be able to throw the extra copies of cards into the trash? With no recursion they're going into the trash to stay.

26 Apr 2015 Tsgstarwars

Forgot about the deja vu's (sigh)

This is what happens when I build too quickly.