Breaking The Meta (BTM) Ep. 2: Overnight Shift

Sidkah 277

Welcome to this new and exciting decklist for Breaking the Meta! This time it is the Corporation's turn and I randomly selected Argus. Now Argus is a pretty taxing ID on its own because of the ability to Tag the runner, or get a free Traffic Accident. This ID makes the runner run less, exceptionally not on the last or even the 3rd click. The thought process behind this deck is to tag the runner and punish them, as you should know it is more of a goofy and rogue type of deck, so if you like this decklist, please feel free to make any changes you see fit! If you play this, tell me what you think! Was it too slow? Not enough econ? Anything! I'll type up a more in-depth for this deck at a later time (next couple days, but might hold off until Wednesday when I playtest this also).

Have fun and punish those pesky runners! Remember, We Never Sleep.

30 Apr 2015 Myriad

In a meta dominated by meat damage protection, Bad Times actually kind of makes sense. Only a few decks run with any extra MU and it can do some serious work on MaxX, Kate or Stealth Andy.

Deck seems just a tad light on econ and has a few too many Sentry's for my taste.