Horchata de Cayambe [GNK Winner, Regional 5th/6th]

marsellus 431

This deck went undefeated in a 12-player GNK tournament and lost only one match in the following day's Regional out of six games played. It is fun and interactive to play and particularly successful against RP and NEH, while it can have difficulties with Blue Sun.

When I was building this Valencia deck, my initial thoughts were how to get the most out of the Bad Publicity. What it helps you with is, IMO, two main things. First of all, it is the threat of Blackmail. While this can be played around, it usually at least slows the Corp down a little. Secondly, it helps you to run very efficiently. So my idea was to build a deck that runs efficiently and often (as Blackmail only gets used during runs). Good thing about that is, that Anarchs already have the most efficient breaker suite in faction. Mimic, Yog.0, Corroder and some Datasuckers were a good start. So where to put the influence in? If you want to run often, Desperado is the console of choice. Another card that I remembered from when I began playing this beautiful game is Personal Workshop. Not only is it a nice economy card, it also helps with two main problems Anarchs have: on-the-run-installations and money. Furthermore, it has an awesome synergy with Bad Pub. So two of these two cards each is already 14 influence. Only one left, my choice is Utopia Shard. Not only can it protect you from Combo-decks, it also can win you games. As you want to run often, you don't want to spend clicks for getting Credits. Therefore it's Daily Casts over Armitage, Day Job or Liberated Accounts. Card draw is achieved with Wyldside plus Adjusted Chronotype. Program suite is two of the already mentioned Anarch Breakers plus two Knights (mainly for Lotus Field, but can be a nice emergency option). Additionally it is three each of Datasucker, Medium and Parasite. That requires two MemStrips. Events is Sure Gamble and Dirty Laundry for economy, I've Had Worse as damage protection or draw option, Déjà Vu mainly for Parasites and obviously Blackmail. Also, and proven one of the game-winning cards, is Demolition Run.

So how do you play this deck?

A) mulligan for either of Desperado or Personal Workshop. A Wyldside might be ok if accompanied with sufficient monetary options. B) Run early and keep the Corp poor. With Workshop you can still get a use of bouncing ETR ICE. With Desperado you can access cards and gain credits at the same time. C) Parasite ICE, so that the Corp is forced to spend time and resources re-securing the servers D) Get Wyldside and Adjusted Chronotype. Seriously, that is bananas. Two free cards. Dump programs/hardware on Workshop. Use burst eco. Run all the time. E) Get at least one Medium and let the fun begin. Once you are set with Desperado, Workshop, Wyldside and Chronotype there is hardly anything that can stop you. At this point in the game, you usually will win within the next two to three turns.

Disclaimer: If your meta is very much Blue Sun, you will be in trouble. High-strength ICE plus the fact that Knights and Parasites are more or less useless, mean difficulties. Worst Case is a Blue Sun with Lotus Field and Elizabeth Mills.

9 Jun 2015 Lttlefoot

Have you considered Wyrm? If you're going to be installing parasites mid-run off workshop and your yog/mimic sometimes has trouble breaking things, it could help. Ice Carver could possibly be cool too. Or you can always add a D4v1d as a metagame call.