Crescentus Reina - 1st place Cloud Cap (14 players, 4 rounds

Meristem 143

"Original" deck credit:

Almost card for card copy of Crescentus Clutch 1.5. Vamp is the new Account Siphon; it should go in every deck. I didn't end up using Scrubber as much as previous decks have. I also swapped both Parasites for 1x Knifed and 1x Spooned. I never installed the Parasites in practice. The only issue here is card draw. I didn't want to use my I've Had Worse to look for cards because this deck lacks protection from Scorch/Net Damage (aside from, you know, Vamping all their credits away.) Vigil probably drew me at least 3 cards per game, some as many as 6-8.

This deck is a blast to play and has so many great starting hands. Corps faced: PE, Making News Midseasons Scorch, HB: EtF, and RP with DBS and Blacklist.

27 Apr 2015 Dydra

I'm really curious to why Vamp is the new AS? How is it better (except for the 1 tag less) ? Also I doubt the Lampreys do THAT much since they will get purged every time there are 2 on the board?

27 Apr 2015 saltytacopanda

Because everyone's playing RP and there's no better way of grabbing a Future Perfect or an agenda off an Ash/Caprice remote by vamping and then going for the grab.

27 Apr 2015 Meristem

Excellent questions.

1) I compare Vamp to AS primarily because it is a huge swing in credits. Remember when you'd feel like you were in a good spot as corp, you'd lay down and advance an agenda in your scoring server and then you'd see the AS coming, not have enough credits to rez ICE or maybe now the runner has enough to beat the ASH trace or get into the server? That's the same feeling with Vamp. Runners are increasingly rich; MO, Kati, Day Job...on and on with the ability to outpace the corp making money. Vamp A) secures the runner in a superior credit position B) Allows them, on their turn, to pretty much get in wherever they want C) places the corp in an incredibly difficult situation, as getting back from 0 credits is difficult, barring a Melange or Beanstalk D) the synergy in this deck when you land a Vamp, then next turn, after the corp takes 3, to clone chip out a lamprey, run HQ 3 times, then hit R&D is fantastic.

2)Speaking of Lampreys, to address your second question; I didn't ever install 3. I did have 2 on the board for 2 turns at one point, draining my opponent of 8 credits and 3 clicks total, whereas the lampreys cost me 1c each, plus the card, plus the clicks. However, each time, I got accesses into HQ for information (which let me know, in one case, that my opponent was running Scorch Making News) which was invaluable.

27 Apr 2015 DaniusKang

Deck looks as unfun to play against as advertised!

One question: What is your solution to a Swordsman?

28 Apr 2015 Meristem

Excellent question! I didn't see any Swordsman in play but it is a real threat. I feel like the deck has several solutions. 1) There are multiple copies of Eater 2) I have Knight as a backup breaker 3)I have Clone Chip to get them back. Swordsman is really only surprising once. After that, I feel like you can effectively play around it.

28 Apr 2015 Veste

That would be great, except Knight is also an AI breaker. That is why Parasite is seen in a lot of these decktypes. It can kill Swordsman in a couple of turns; and destroys cheap, annoying ICE that can prevent a lock, like Pop-up Window.

It sounds like you didn't need it though, and that is a meta call. Congrats on the win! I love playing this deck archetype.

28 Apr 2015 Meristem

Ah, touche'. Perhaps I will keep one Parasite in there after all!

28 Apr 2015 falseidol

Seems like a Parasite or two would go a long way (especially if scrubber was a dud), to help you mitigate those lean ICE that tax the runner more than the corp right out the gate (Caduceus, Pop Up, Pup, etc.)

28 Apr 2015 Dydra

Good point, however does the influence on Lucky Find worth it? That is 6 influence, for some surge cash. Has good tempo, but no PPV to compliment it even further.

Some good points about vamp though. I think I will incorporate it in my Valencia - Lamprey+ Ixodidae + Fester deck

29 Apr 2015 Horse85

Gonna try this deck out, but with Parasites over cutlery. I don't think Lucky Find is great, at least not a full set. Maybe 2.