Aidy's Industrial Geonomics v2.2

badbones777 15

Latest build of the deck - currently doing well (14-1) in local group. Increased card count to 54 as there were one or two things I wanted to add and this deck usually goes long. Shi.Kyū is back in again, as it works well with the ID ability and when the Runner finally does break through into archives it adds a little bit of punishment along with Shock!. (Actually, so far Archives has only been Accessed 3 times with this build, each in different games with the Shi.Kyu's slapping a -3 Agenda point tally on the runner - handy when they snag a Future Perfect!

Agenda's wise, Hades Fragment is horribly vulnerable - FP likes to get pitched into Archives to feed the ID and generally just sits there. Combined with taxing Ice over Archives and it's innate self protection, it's usually pretty safe. Clone Retirement is scorable out of hand and I'm not usually too inconvenienced if it does get stolen. Medical breakthrough again I can generally live with one or two being stolen. Hades is tricky - it's never been stolen yet, but there again I've only ever scored it onceand it was so late in the game I didn't get that much use out of it's benefit. Honestly the only reason it's in the deck is I was looking for a 3 pointer Agenda to maa low density off Agenda cards with an eye on comboing well wit the ID (it can be useful in the lat game if you are trying to ensure against getting decked, but as I say haven't really used it much).

I cut Interns and Fast Track for the simple reason I was just never using them - I was consistently finding that I was preferring to let cards come naturally rather than tutoring for them (and besides even when I do there's the wonderful bootcamp) and 99% of the time they were being pitched to feed the ID so I thought I'd switch 'em out - hasn't hurt the deck so far.

ICE is mainly designed to be taxing rather than particularly impactful with (ideally) multiple subs so that once through they hopefully won't have the credits to pay the Herrings cost ortrash anything I've protected (and if running Archives, hopefully they will be costed out of the FP psi game cost and taxation also makes it that tiny bit easier for me to force negative agenda points on the runner with Shi.Kyu).

Crick is a recent addition, still a bit experimental. I added a second copy in place of Breaker Bay. I like Crick so far with this build, albeit I've only played with it twice - it's pretty High strength over archives which goes someway to mitigate the fact it only has the one subby and the runner will usually pay to break the sub (and pump breaker strength depending on their suite) so it can still be pretty taxing in this build. Getting the subby of is a nice bonus if it happens (once so far) My Meta is virus heavy which can make for some hair raising moments as while having multiple subs, a lot of the ICE is pretty low strength and thus Parasite can be a real pain. As indeed can Imp. As such I am toying with the idea of dropping San-San to save influence and maybe drop Yagura - in their place I'd take a third Herrings and a second targeted marketing but I'll give it a few more games before deciding one way or the other.

Cyberdex Suite is a new introduction to the deck - has worked out okay so far - my meta is pretty virus heavy so baiting a Sundew with this is pretty nice and can open a window to get some work done on an agenda. Even if they have no virii they can get pitched to feed the ID. I am still not 100% convinced it'll be staying in, but I've enjoyed it so far in this deck.

Targeted Marketing is a pure experiment to eat up a floating influence point, and to counter the inevitable Imp's I seem to come up against - or indeed to add a bit of an incentive to not Parasite my poor little pups! Usual target is Imps though as they can be quite harmful to this ID. Finally it means the Deck doesn't have a blank space under the Operations category!

Breaker Bay Grid was in this deck but a couple of mistakes I was making (thanks to @GammaCodeX and @StarryVeck for catching) it's been pulled as the way it actually works doesn't really do much for this build (love that card though).

So far I haven't had any issues having cut a lot of the economy cards I used to have in favour of more Ice - the Ice in this is pretty expensive but I've found that the ID and infrastructures make Sundews relatively safe apart from the obvious Imp-Sniping and the Deck tends to run with a strong credit pool - which is good as you need it to fund Shinobi traces on a critical run on the scoring server!

27 Apr 2015 StarryVeck

I shall try this once I tire of Biotech. Anything Jinteki with 3 x Hostile Infrastructure gets my vote.

Also, would Sub Boost do any work with Crick in this deck? The sub on Crick is nice, but stopping them from getting in to Archives more consistently might be better for the ID. Although it does gain barrier as a sub-type...

28 Apr 2015 badbones777

@StarryVeck Sub Boost could be a good call, yeah. A really good call in fact. If nothing else it is an extra layer of taxation and at strength 6 (well, over archives anyway) I actually don't think the addition of Barrier would take too much away from it. Of course, one has to consider Datasuckers and so on, but those notwithstanding, it's Strength over Archives puts it just outside the reach of Morning Star, and most other Barrier Breakers are paying somewhere in the region of 4-6 credits to match strength and break so for the extra subroutine I do think this could be a worthwhile play.

Thanks for suggesting - I might have to work this in!