StimHack Draft Cube CORP: Breaker Bay

sneakysly 731

StimHack Draft cube updated for Breaker Bay.

See here for full explanation and rules:

18 May 2015 ecoabismo

Hi, i was intrested in how the changes in the cube are determinated, for example, why the grial ice are gone from the "the source" version of the cube.

18 May 2015 sneakysly

@ecoabismo Myself, Mediohxcore, and bblum talk about changes and come to a consensus. Any testing/playing done on previous cubes goes into informing the decisions.

We have come to think that Grail ice takes up too many cube slots for what it does, and it is not ideal. Grail was more acceptable when it was new and fresh, and we had more open slots in the cube.

As time goes on, the cube will start to approach more and more single copies of cards, like a standard MTG cube. (But feel free to keep playing with Grail ice in your own cube if you really enjoy them!) :)

19 May 2015 umchoyka

Thanks a bunch for keeping these lists updated! I don't get to play nearly enough NR to be able to create my own cube like this so it's great to have.

19 May 2015 ecoabismo

@sneakysly I understand now. I thought that may be, they were too powerfull. I´m saying this becouse i died from a turn 2 lancelot + merlin + merlin face check. Was preety funny, but it would be less funny if that repeats draft over draft. I mean, the next time, people is going to start picking grials just for the sake of cutting them from the grial drafter, and that type of decitions forced by last experiencies are probably not that healthy for the enviroment. For this i am not trying to say that individual quality is always what should make us pick a card from a pack, couse there are sinergies and necesesity as other factors of choose. But when an archetype is too obvius and overpowered when open, those factors are reduced to "pick always that x card no matter what". Anny way, cubes are always changing, and that it was makes the format fun. Thanks for your hard work designing this list.