Shaper Hate : The Deck

alientoyshop 863

I hate Shapers. They think they can SMC/Clone Chip/Prepaid their way to an easy victory. Well NOT ANYMORE.

Did you know Blacklist is amazing?

Did you know that Student Loans is maybe even more amazing?

"I've never felt so poor" - Actual PPVP Kate

28 Apr 2015 bourgman

Is Beale pretty much just a 2-pointer in this deck? I don't imagine you try and stack it without some support.

29 Apr 2015 alientoyshop

@bourgman I mean, Beale is always good, cause it's a 3/2. If you're at 4 with an Astro token, bluff it as an NAPD. Then advance 4 times for the win. (Assuming you have a scoring remote)

29 Apr 2015 saltytacopanda

Why Caduceus? Mimic is Anarch but all Shapers run it and Caduceus is like peanuts to Mimic.

30 Apr 2015 ANRguybrush

Blacklist is actually a pretty good answer to clot recursion.